The Duck Chronicles Episode Six – A New Water Fix — 5 Comments

  1. Jack:
    I noticed you had a gap between the two pens. Watch that, we had a duck try to get out and got his head stuck and hung himself. Your ducks are too small right now, but just seeing the gap brought back that memory.


  2. I don’t know why, I’m not going to own ducks but am captivated by the videos each day. The amount of weight they put on each day is staggering, wow…talk about growth. I wonder how long ( days ) before they outgrow the brooders.


    • Not sure how long they could stay and not need to be broken into thirds, but in 7-10 days they are getting the boot regardless. Likely next Saturday they are going outside unless something crazy happens weather wise.

  3. Very cool Jack, a great education, even for those of us who don’t have ability to do animals (apartment dwellers or whose who are away from home on business a lot). No knowledge is wasted.

    Can’t wait for when the ducks get too big for the bins. Do grown ducks need a chicken house or just stay outside? What’s the plan?


  4. Hey jack,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the info and showing what they mean by blueish eggs. Really appreciate u taking the time to do it. Now I’m gonna have to admit something to you. I’ve listened to you for a long time. Talk about u and ur episodes alot. And when I seen this video today I was like a giddy school girl that got to meet their favorite singer. Im a guy by the way, so Lol my girlfriend thinks I’m nuts but It is awesome that I got this from u. Lol I went running around the house saying ha, this part of the video is cus of me and I got some feedback from a “celebrity”. This made my crappie day alot better. Lol kinda weird I know but hey u are a celebrity in my eyes. I know u do it all the time but when somebody like u that has so much on their plate finds the time for ur listeners like u do is awesome. Thanks again jack now I’ve gotta go and earn my man card back since my gf took it from me for this. Lol.