New Video and TSP Interview Coming From Geoff Lawton — 49 Comments

  1. It looks like it’s going to be awesome, with more details on *how* to do it.
    Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!

  2. Really looking forward, such the fundamental topic. It’s the first step for setting yourself up for success.

  3. Can’t wait to see this video. I’m just finishing my first permaculture design course here in Colorado, so this info is very timely for me.

    And with that hat pulled low on his forehead and the beard, Geoff reminds me very much of Gandalf. After all, they’re both wizards….

  4. Looking forward to it. Just a heads up. If you have trouble viewing the vids on Lawton’s site: They did not work for me in Chrome. I switched to Internet Explorer and they worked fine.

  5. Nothing more than an affiliate email harvesting scheme. Disappointing at best. Give away your email to watch a promotional video? I used a junk email for this obviously and it has been getting blown up with spam ever since. Thanks for that. Just some advice to users, don’t use your normal email for this junk, give them an email that you don’t use everyday, that way Geoff can sell off your email lists and Jack can get his clickthru affiliate kickbacks and no one misses out watching this long commercial.

    • Let me tell you something you are not only wrong but beyond wrong. The videos being released are 30 minutes or more per video and each could be a for sale DVD. Are they promotional, yes, it does dawn on most people that people can only do so much for free if it is to be SUSTAINABLE. I bet you don’t work for free.

      That said Lawton isn’t selling your fing email addresses to anyone. The email system he uses is the same as the one I use Aweber and they have tight controls on spam and you can loose your account and entire database if you violate them. Likely you used the “trash” email for other things and now blame me and Geoff for your spam which may or may not even really exist.

      So just shut off your junk address and convince yourself you are right and don’t watch any more of Geoff’s free videos. You know it is really dumb the way people think because they happened to use an address for something that the person they used it with is responsible for all spam coming to that address, just fricken DUMB! The last thing anyone running a real business would ever do is sell their fricken database, it is the stupidist thing you could ever do with your list, no one with half a brain does this.

      The reality is that there are many ways to harvest addresses, including ones you “only used for one thing”. One is to simply take a common extension like and use a script to start sending emails with common name or even random characters with read receipts requests. Doing this you can harvest 50,000 or more a day! Screw up and put that fake email on anything public at all and it will be scraped in a day, these are two of the lowest tech ways you can harvest email addresses. Many others are far more sophisticated.

      Franky yahoo, gmail, etc are more likely to leak your super secret squirrel address then a person like Geoff or myself.

      They say what you don’t know can hurt you but the truth is it can also harm others.

    • One more thing, yes the link I provided is an affiliate link in a way, yet I have an agreement with Geoff in advance that if he sells anything at anytime to my audience I want NOTHING as in ZERO in return for it. When and if he sells anything (which at some point I would guess he will) anything like that is to be built into a large discount for members of the MSB. The tracking is more just so I know how responsive my audience is to this initiative. Not everyone is out for a stupid quick buck you know. Selling emails? Really? Seriously if that is what you think of me begone! I am taking NO KICKBACKS ON SHIT! I haven’t busted my ass for 5 years to build faith and trust in this audience to sell them our for a few sheckles on some damn DVD sales.

      What is it with some people that they always assume anything successful is also a scam?

    • Yes, on the off chance Jack’s answer doesn’t cover it. I signed up for this list to watch the video when the first one came out like six months ago. In that time I got two messages. Both relevant. So your junk isn’t coming from Geoff or Jack dude.

      • Thank you man! The accusation from even one person disgusts me. Not Scott he doesn’t disgust me, the accusation itself does. I work so fing hard, I always put this audience first, whenever anyone accuses me of something like this it frankly hurts. My entire life today is a blessing from this audience, I never forget that and never will. When someone even one person that listens with any regularity thinks I would I feel it to be a personal failure.

      • Same here. Zero spam.. from Geoff or others.

        Also ZERO ‘cross selling’ or ‘check out this great deal from this person I’m affiliated with’ junk.

        Can’t wait for this video! 🙂 The promo looks seriously awesome, thanks Geoff!

    • I signed up for the first video and this one. I have not gotten a single junk email. Perhaps you have a virus or spyware on your computer; that is way more likely than Geoff selling address for pennies when he could sell hundreds of DVDs for real money.

    • Scott, did you fall in hit your head? An email harvesting scheme???? What are we back in the 1990’s. Dude no one here wants your damn email address. Hell lets just put it this way. If they wanted info on you or your email, you just visiting this site would give enough info for any admin to pull your ip address and start tracing. To give an accusation like that to Jack and this community and just childish. Grow up and put your big boy pants on. Jack is here to help make things better not SELL your fing email address….

      Thanks Jack for all your hard work and dedication!!!!

      Jim P

    • Scott- you really don’t now what you are talking about. I’ve been studying permaculture for several years and Geoff has an excellent reputation as an educator. You are missing out if you don’t visit his website to learn. I hope he does come out with a full content rich online education program that the world can benefit from and that I would gladly pay money for. The more people that learn and apply permaculture, the better chance we have at feeding the world.

  6. Jack, I tried KeepVid to try to download since I like to play my content on my TV via my WD Media player. Is there an online site that would allow this?

    • I don’t know man. I think Geoff is keeping these videos for people who have become what would amount to “free private members only”.

      That said I use download helper and it let me grab the back end MP4 strait off the site. You can get that plugin here,

      I would just ask out of respect for the integrity of what Geoff is doing you don’t publish it online out in the “wild so to speak”.

      Is that what you were asking, I am really not clear on it?

      I use that plugin all the time to take youtube videos off the net and make them available at any time. It is a tool like many that can be used for good or evil. I try to only use if for good.

      • No, my intention was to pop it on a USB stick and play it on my Western Digital media player, that is hooked up to my TV. I can always watch it on my ASUS transformer, it has a HDMI port that I could hook up to my TV

        • Download Helper would do that, you can grab the MP4 and take it anywhere from there. I didn’t even realize it was you brent in my morning comment flurry, if so I would not even have bothered with the good evil part of the response.

        • Is there a plugin or program you can use to grab stuff like this off of Youtube? There are some Salatin videos I wanted to watch with my wife, but pitching to sit hunched around my laptop is a losing proposition. I figure snagging it and putting it on the TV will work much better.

  7. Stoked on the timing. I am moving to a new state in a month, and I will love being able to look at property differently. Also funny since I just went to his site to check on progress the other day. I guess I jumped the gun by a few days. WOO. Can’t wait.

  8. If you don’t trust Geoff Lawton (and Jack) to treat you fairly who do you trust?

  9. ZERO spam from signing up, only a link to watch the video. I have a new email address that I used for this so I can guarantee this as a fact.

  10. Subscribing to the first one now and looking forward to #2.
    Also, it saddens me to read Scott’s false comment, knowing that Jack and Jeff are always honest and kind to their audience.

  11. Site selection is something I’ve definitely been wanting more info on, so can’t wait to watch this.
    Actually what I think would be really cool is a website where a person could submit photos, aerial photos, a description of their goals, etc and then a permaculture expert would take all of that info, draw it out on a whiteboard, and record a 10-20 min video describing exactly how to design that particular property. Actual case studies of real properties in the United States.
    Jack, there’s another website for you to work on, ( I know you probably don’t have the time but damn that would be helpful to me and others I’m sure.

  12. Hey Guys, am I missing something or does the link keep bring you back to the surviving the coming crisis video?

    I saw something on a few weeks ago saying new videos were out and I had the same issues back then. I’ve tried internet explorer, safari and chrome on different laptops.


      • I know but the email says but the email that came out today says “You can view this awesome new video” then gives the link.

        And like I said to the link on said new ones were already out.

    • I heard the explanation on the ride home on the call in show. And I just got the email. No worries. I just thought everyone else was watching this bad ass video except me.

      Oh and Jack. I noticed a while back your Amazon links didn’t have affilate code in them. I was going to say something to the dude above about it, but I have a strict no arguing with asshats on the internet policy.

  13. I have watched both videos, as well as other online information by Mr. Geoff.

    The bulk of the population in the US does not own, nor are they likely to own property that physically resembles the size / resources he presents. Perhaps the best the bulk of the population here can expect is a “typical” urban/suburban lot.

    Mr. Mollison’s early permaculture materials, Chapter XII was entitled Permaculture in Urban Areas. I opine that it is an expansion of this that the bulk of the US prepper population needs.

    • True. But, I also drive by 10AC (me) to 100AC farms every day that desperately need to be redesigned according to permaculture principles. I think Geoff has something for all of us. C

    • Your perception is totally off by the way. Techniques are techniques that can be scaled up or down as needed.

    • @Ron also did you notice what it said at the end of this video? ” Next Video Small Urban Gardens”.

    • Ron – I totally get what you are saying… but from a very surface view. In reality, Permaculture is all about Design. The design concept is what Permaculture is all about. It is not some esoteric, hippy concept, but a real life science. I am a physician, and I don’t check my brain at the door when it comes to this. Permaculture Design is about basic principles that can be scaled up or down depending on what you have available. A 1,000 acre farm or a 1/8 acre suburban lot… it doesn’t matter. Of course, application of the design will be drastically different in each of these situations, but the principles stay the same.

      In my opinion, this video was very inspiring, and VERY well done. I am so excited to be a part (in a very, very small way) of the Permaculture movement. I truly think our children and grandchildren will think it was very amazing that we were living at the time Permaculture started its germination around the planet.

      Jack – thanks for being a part of it!

  14. I for one, found the free videos a great lead in to first exposure to this fantastic method of working with nature to get the most out of your land. They are professionally done, highly informative, and a great start. I am looking forward to the rest of the series, and will consider a purchase of a course at some time in the future. Great Job and yes, this can change the face of farming to something more sustainable.

  15. So I was having a stressful day, and just watching this preview seemed to lift my spirit. I need to get myself into a position to put geoff’s principals to work!

  16. Just watched both videos, and I am really looking forward to any future videos. After watching the second video, I’m definitely going to have to reevaluate my property for better water storage. This kind of info is exactly why I listen to TSP.

  17. My wife and I are both into permaculture and since signing up with Geoff, I have yet to receive spam. I have only received the information and updated I have requested. There are a lot of permaculture hacks out there. This is why I stick with Bill and Geoff. Anyway, I prefer to get my info from the horses mouth. I love your pod casts Jack.