Episode-74- New Solar Energy Incentives and More on Gardens — 7 Comments

  1. I as the others appreciate your podcasts, and your opinions on various topics are usually good and informative however big government is the root evil of our present financial problems, why would you suggest people get ‘tax incentives” from the govt. when you and i both know this leads to their intrusion into our personal lives and the ability of the uncle tom’s to control and legislate further control over us thru their tax incentive rebate programs.

    This is exactly why the moron mormon’s compound in west texas(el-dorado) was attacked and invaded by the federals, the “married but filing as single” moms were getting sec. 8 and wic as well as other federal assistance for their kids, while technically legal, they stated numerous times that the reason for doing this was to “bleed the beast”, when in fact they were contractually liable to the state and federal government for receiving funds etc. and what they got for their lies was the invasion by the federals, same thing happened at waco with the branch davidians. know this: anytime for any reason you get any type of incentive from the government, you by money/contract received allow a proxy of sorts (thru the receipt of their “blood money”) and give them right and title into your personal life, just as a marriage license allows the cps into your marriage legally, they say the state owns the kids not mommy and daddy, and contractually they are correct. this needs to be talked about and re-inforced.

    Just like the consumer bailout earlier this year, this allowed the federals, thru this financial contract to ignore “we the people” and legislate thier own wall-street bailout scheme, because everyone who accepted this payment, allowed the government to do as it wanted thru their money/contract- and no i did not request or receive a stipend from them for this. we all need to get as far away from government as we can, lest they move in with us and never leave(socio-communism)i have some good quotes from past patriots on my youtube page, go view them and get a better idea of where we need to be heading. you and your show are important and these topics need to be discussed again and again to get the message out there to the people who dont know any better, this is not only our option, but it is our collective responsiblity.

    Thanks again for your show and your time, even thought you are/were army, ” semper-fi”, from a fellow brother-in -arms. 532nd mechanical brigade(marines) 1983-1987, tx. nat. guard 2004-2005, tx. air nat. guard 2005-2008

  2. @milidude,

    I understand your view and largely agree with much of it. That said this is quite different (except for the fact that people getting the AMT qualify). These are not subsidies (in the conventional meaning) to me, they are a return on the taxes WE ALREADY PAID.

    Our government takes nearly 40% of our money in total taxes and spends it on total crap, creates a welfare state, etc. These rebates simply allow me to control where some of my own tax money gets spent. No one just sends this to us either, we must first spend the money, get the work done and then file a return on money they are stealing from me in the first place.

    Now if I had my way this would all be moot as the Federal income tax on individual income is unconstitutional! There should be no federal tax and spending should be cut to compensate for it.

    I am opposed to tax incentives that go like this,

    You (milidude) pay tax and your money is given to some welfare person and her kids living on the dole. That happens everyday, what this programs does (mostly) is take your taxes you pay and let you spend them on yourself. Like I said the exception for those claiming the alternative minimum tax does dirty that a bit but few in that income bracket will be installing Photovoltaic systems anyway.

    Do you see the difference here between reducing your own tax burden vs. giving the money to someone else to “spread the wealth” as Obama recently told a plumber he wanted to do?

  3. Hi Jack,

    Great shows.
    Your podcasts normally arrive in time for Breakfast (Auckland, New Zealand).
    While a lot of the political / tax changes over there do not have as an immediate impact down here there is a ‘trickle effect’. The recent financial changes thought have had the same ‘torrential’ effect. Your shows certainly act as a ‘heads up’ as to what is likely to occur.
    The podcast on discussion with your partner, storing and growing growing food have certainly assisted in getting the message across to members of the ‘extended family’ that they need to get off their butts and do some preparations.

    Thanks for the effort you are putting into this. I’m sure it’s impacting on other parts of this ‘global village’ as well as here.



  4. Thanks for further clarification on this subject, as you stated: “These are not subsidies (in the conventional meaning) to me, they are a return on the taxes WE ALREADY PAID”. i agree with this also, but the government criminals see it otherwise, they see it as a ” paid favor” given to us, the goyim- and to be collected by them in spades at some future point and time. that said, some congressmen and senators said the calls/emails/ faxes to them opposing the bailout was 300:1 against it, but they illegally thru the senate without oversight from congress (we the people) passed it anyway, and as you stated that taxing is unconstitutional as well and we are agreed on this item too, however legal/illegal-constitutional or not, this whole government needs to be overthrown and with violent accord as this is the only thing these insane criminals understand. i know we got off-topic, but i am involved heavily in self-sustained changes to my domicile in the country of the things i have done(multi-tier solar/wind/diesel power generation), gardening, rain-water harvesting- i wont raise a flag of interest to the guvment as to my proceedings either!. I may post a website of all my off-grid mods and if so unlike others-i wont charge for the knowledge freely given to me to give to others by the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS. thanks again for your input and a great show.