New Series of Vidoes for MSB Members Only — 36 Comments

  1. I really like the behind-the-scenes video concept. How about putting a go-pro cam on one those geese and do a ‘day-in-the-life’ video. 😉 Looks like a nice day out. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you Jack for inviting us into your home! I really like the idea as I learn so much better by watching then I do reading or listening.

    I’m looking forward to all you are willing to share!

  3. That’s great. The good and the bad of the process of developing the homestead. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. So far, MSB was for US or CA. Us in Europe, can only watch, not participate. I appreciate the sponsors, and you all need to support them. However, those overseas have no such option. A 5 inch folder knife with locking is illegal here, as is a 4 inch folder, or any locking folder knife… you get my drift.

  5. It may just be me, but I’m unable to get the video to load via the vimeo w password or on the tsp msb site.

  6. Love this idea! Looks like you have to have a Vimeo account to comment?
    Also really making me want some geese, those guys are a crack-up.

    • The week in reviews will be posted on TSP. Comments on the videos should be in the TSP “Week In Review” posts not on the Vimeo site. Comments on the Vimeo site are not looked at as often as on the TSP WIR posts.

  7. Hey Jack, I am planning on building one of Steven Harris’s Power Systems for my F150 this winter also. I have the toolbox and inverter at this time and have been gathering materials as time and finance allow. I would be interested in providing my vehicle as a training tool as you mentioned in the MSB video. I will continue to collect parts and perhaps hear from you as the time approaches. Thanks for the video update. It was cool and gives that special notice to MSB folks.

    • Great we have a ways to go on this plan yet though. What I would have is Steve make sure to review your inventory of parts to make dang sure every person doing this has all the items they need when they show up. Likely this is going to be in say Jan-Feb so I don’t want you waiting on us if you want to git er done.

  8. Haven’t seen the video yet, but looking forward to it. Will you be posting something on the blog whenever you put up a new video?

  9. I am very, VERY interested to see what kind of progress that Chuffa makes in the pond situation. I’ve had horchata a few times and it is freaking awesome, and I’ve heard just the tubers themselves are pretty tasty too. If you’ve got a setup that makes harvesting a lot easier AND brings a good yield? I’m probably gonna end up setting up some sort of pond situation primarily for that.

  10. Very cool sir! I agree with one of the posts on there about maybe adding a “how to…”, “See how I did…”, etc… type of videos. Would be cool to see your take on how to do things. Different perspectives on how to do things is always good. Thanks for posting

  11. I would like to know more about why you have the water ponds and what your idea is for future uses.
    Do you have a water circulation system? I see piping but not enough time to get an understanding of the goal.
    Thanks Jack. It is always good to see practical applications…..

  12. Also, do you have specific water oxygenating plants in your ponds, or is the spigot you use for that purpose sufficient?

  13. Love the concept!! gives a nice personal touch too the MSB

    What i think would do well is a progress of your successes and failures in your homestead. perhaps tied into your thoughts and concerns about each event much like a personalized diary of projects and there possible pros and cons??

  14. Another great addition to the MSB benefits!

    When you discuss the projects that you’ve been working on, I’d like to hear about the genesis of the idea and why specific materials were chosen. For example, why were metal stock tanks selected instead of plastic for the pond system and why have an oval tank feed into two round tanks? For systems that have been in place for a while, I’d like to hear if it was as productive as you thought it would be, or if you’d do anything different a second time around.

    Looking forward to the next installment!

  15. I can not get the video to play. I typed in the code, tried copy and paste, nothing. I have a new 3 days old desktop computer , with windows 8. I just don’t know what to try next. Any body have the same problem.

    • Since it’s such a new computer, silly question, are you sure you have Flash installed on it? Might check that.

  16. I definitely like the new video idea. You were putting out a good number of youtube videos a few months ago (when you got the geese and chickens) and then it looks like you got kinda busy. That was a good way to get kind of a visual on how things were progressing.

    I am definitely more interested in the business side as well. I need to go back and listen to all the 5 minutes with jack, as I know that I eventually want to be self employed, but I’m sure I could use a lot more knowledge on the subject.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. You mentioned in the grilling show that you might do some bacon and eggs on your grill and get it on video. Might be a good segment for one of the MSB videos.

  18. Bring 5 minutes with jack back. My wife and I have 3 small businesses and I loved learn more about our business ideas.

    • If you watch all of the 5 minutes with Jack videos (all of them) and have any questions after that, send them to me and I will see if I can get Jack to answer some. If it was covered in 5 minutes with Jack already than your questions will not be answered.

  19. I was a little slow having a look. A question on the Chufa nuts, what is the planned use, if any, snacks, oil, horchata de Chufa, or feed stock?

  20. This is an awesome addition to the MSB. Bummer it is having you outsource the infrastructure to Vimeo so for comments on video you must have an account with them.

  21. I really like the idea of a periodic MSB video. As far as topics go, just doing a weekly update on what happened around the homestead would be great! Possibly a few more in-depth video tutorials on various basic topics you’ve discussed over the years?

    Thanks Jack – for all that you do.