New Page at TSP – Jack’s Public Appearances — 14 Comments

  1. @all,

    I appreciate the love implied by come to xyz or abc town/state but the reality is if you want me to come to your area the best bet is finding an event in your area that makes sense and finding those running it and recommend that they contact us.

    I can’t just go to places at random, I am one man who wants to see all of you but also has to make careful consideration when I shut the company down for a week to travel somewhere. Until I can get a matter energy transporter I simply can’t be everywhere.

  2. Haha, what is up with these people immediately crowing “what about me?” (aka – how about visiting my locale, Jack???)

    I’ll try to provide the another kind of listener response:

    Jack, I’m glad that you’ve got a situation now where you can actually go out and connect with the TSP audience in person. Though I’m in California, I’d like to make the long haul to the SHOT show and introduce myself to you. Looking forward to seeing more updates to the “Public Appearances” page.

    Also, this may seem like a stretch, but what about doing the show from other locations? It might be a cool new avenue to explore. I’m not just talking about from the floor of a convention hall, or in a hotel room somewhere, but maybe out at a listener’s homestead, etc. Just a thought.

    • @rottenclam, don’t be too hard on folks I understand where they are coming from but THANK YOU for understanding where I am coming from. I do hope to see you in Vegas. May be I can set up some kind of TSP party or something out there one evening.

      On the remote broadcasting hell just to make all this travel work I am going to have to do it.

  3. I would like you to do something around where you live. I dont live too far. I am in southwest Missouri. What about having some kind of something in Arkansas. I realize you just said, dont be asking you to come to us, so I am asking why cant we come to you?

  4. Just posted above. Maybe you someone could organize an Appleseed shoot, somewhere around Hot Springs and you could go. That would be cool. I bet a lot of people would go to that.


  5. Any plans for events on the east coast? My wife an I would love the chance to attend an event.

  6. Anything possible for the southeast ? Love to see a prepper expo come to Florida even better. Orlando area