New MSB Updates 2-2-15 — 10 Comments

  1. Is there a new MSB discount to High Mowing Organic Seeds as they offer free shipping to everyone now? Thanks.

    • that will be in there tomorrow it will be 5% off all orders, we had some things to work out to get that sorted for you guys.

    • Not for nothing, but I am still not seeing the new High Mowing discount code in the MSB Benefits area. Any idea when its coming?


  2. I want to buy this e-book at $32, but it doesn’t have a place to put a discount code and I don’t want to buy it if it is $64. What am I missing?

    • When you go to buy it there is a place for a code in the second field it says promotion code. I personally bought a copay at discount before putting out the information today. The place to do this is on the same screen where you enter your CC info.

    • Steve, the same thing just happened to me. The first time I loaded the page, there wasn’t a spot to put the discount code. I was reluctant to go ahead and pay without that, so I went and surfed around a bit, trying to see if anyone else had this problem and then, not finding anything, just went back to the page and this time the discount box (second entry box, like Jack said) was there. I’m 99.9% sure it wasn’t there the first time I loaded the page, though.

      Thanks so much for this discount, Jack! I heard Luke on Diego’s podcast and was very intrigued, so I couldn’t pass this up.

      • It there all the time the fields are just sort of grayed out in the background of the field. When I ordered to test it I knew it might be an issue for some.