New MSB Benefit – 10% off All Infidel Body Armor — 30 Comments

    • The 338 will get your attention if you don’t pay it sufficient respect for sure!

  1. Jack –
    The Infidel discount code is showing up as $10 off vice 10%.. might want to give them a holler.

      • Not possible bitcoins are a scam and a terrible store of wealth, no real businesses take bitcoin, sigh. LOL

    • Chad, welcome aboard, but what’s up with “Infidel,” the name? Is this an anti-Islamic thing? Do Muslim TSP listeners still get the 10% discount?

      • Yeah I am wondering about the “Infidel” name also. I mean I am a Muslim so really wondering about this thing. If they have a problem with my religion I can go and buy the ar500 armor from any other supplier. Maybe Jack could give an explanation or ask the company reps to shed some information on it.

      • I will let Chad add anything if he feels the need to but here is how I view if a Muslim should be offended by the word infidel.

        I am a deist, would you as a Muslim call me an infidel? 90% of my listeners on average are Christians would you refer to them as an infidel?

        If you would answer yes, my view is if you are offended by the word that is your problem and I don’t really care that you are offended. The word is a slur, it is used by the radical elements of Muslim society, the ones that want infidels killed, and dream of a Muslim flag over Washington, DC and would like to see things like shariah law in America.

        I have no doubt that such people represent a very small fraction of Muslims in the world and likely a fraction of that fraction of Muslims in America.

        I highly doubt any Muslim member of this audience would call me an infidel but you do, so be it, that is who I am to you and I will say fine, I am the Infidel, do your worst. I would also say this to a Christian who called me a heathen!

        If however you would never refer to me or the majority of my audience as infidels the word should not offend you any more than something like “Heathen Armor” should offend a Christian.

        I assume that Chad picked the name because it is battle proven gear and where our guys are being blown up right now they are often referred to as infidels by their enemy. Now you all know I want them all brought home, I think this “war on terror” has turned into a war of terror but the solider goes where ordered.

        I would say the brand is just that a brand, designed to convey a battle proven product that is also likely highly sold to soldiers and contractors that will be shot at and referred to as infidels during their operations.

        If I felt for one moment that Chad was anti Muslim I would not work with him. I can’t worry that a word will offend someone if that word isn’t intended to offend. I am sure I offend a good thousand people a day, that don’t like that I say shit, or because I call their politician they like an assclown.

        Now if Chad is donating profits to the “Anti Muslim League of America” or supporting the KKK, do let me know and I will bounce his ass from the MSB in a heart beat.

        Other than that, no Muslim should be offended by the word infidel unless you would use it to describe those of another faith, and if you would, I really do not care that it offends you, you flatly deserve to be offended. Fortunately in the hope for interfaith relations I can find you quite a few Christians who also need to be offended.

        Perhaps we should take said people from each group and put them on an isolated island, let them have to depend on one another for a few years and perhaps they would both stop needing to be offended.

        • Another way to put it, if you buy SOE gear from John Willis you will see a tag on it. It says,

          Made in the Mother F—ing USA and the uck is not changed to —. Does the offend some? Yes. Does it mean I should not work with John Willis who builds the toughest and best tactical gear in the world in my view?

          I mean I don’t even use the f word on the show and very seldom in print, hell I censored myself here but I am not about to turn away from John just because he is proud of where he builds his gear and that he employees Americans.

        • “If I felt for one moment that Chad was anti Muslim I would not work with him.”

          That is all I needed to know thank you. I’ll be glad to give them my business in the future.

        • I’ll refer you to the FAQ on our website as to what Infidel means:

          What does “Infidel” mean anyways?
          • Over in the Middle East, our soldiers are called Infidels everyday. The Koran says that Christians are infidels: Koran 5:17, “Infidels are those who declare God is the Christ, son of Mary.” Our company is Christian-owned and we wear that definition of “Infidel” with pride. We claim the privilege of worshiping God according to our conscious and allow others to believe as they would- just don’t try taking away our right to worship how we want to.

        • As a non christian that doesn’t share your faith because I have my own, let me say that answer is completely and totally not offensive to me.

          Anyone offended by anyone else’s profession of faith has their own problem to solve. Like Chad said, anyone can have any faith they wish, just don’t try to take another’s right to believe differently from them.

        • In fact I like that answer more the more I think about it. If that is the meaning hell you may as well call the company Christian Armor. I am sure that would be offensive to some as well. Let me say I am proud to know you sir.

          You know what they say about trying to please everyone.

        • I don’t think anyone finds “infidel” offensive. The question’s whether it was chosen because Chad sees himself as a proud enemy of Islam, selling body armor to members of his own tribe in anticipation of some imminent, Biblically tinged Final Showdown between the religions.

          If that’s how he thinks—and there are certainly people who hold that worldview—I wonder if his firm and TSP are a good fit. The most refreshing thing about TSP, and I thought kind of the core concept, was that it rejects the old caricature of the paranoid white prepper stockpiling ammo in a bunker for the day the blacks and/or the commies and/or the muslims come to destroy ‘Murica and all that’s decent. The absence of that tribal mentality is one of many things that makes TSP so great, and the addition of “Infidel Body Armor” as a sponsor certainly gives the impression that the Modern Survival you’ve been preaching so eloquently maybe isn’t so modern after all.

          Anyway, it’d be good to hear from Chad about all of this.

        • If no one found it potentially offensive Bruno we would not be having this discussion. I guess you didn’t see where Chad explained his position above?

          Frankly you sound more offensive then Chad does.

  2. This is great news!

    I still can’t do it right now, but it’s something I’ve thought about for a long time. Hopefully, they’ll be around for awhile and I’ll be able to get what I want at some point in the near future.

  3. If you haven’t already planned it, please do a show on body armor. I’d be particularly interested in learning about best options for deep concealment armor for wearing every day. That’s a different world than the tactical, throw it on top over everything else type.



  4. Awesome, Jack!

    I had looked at Infidel after a friend recommended them (as much as I’d love to have a full up BALCS/SAPI setup and a corresponding low-vis setup I can’t justify that kind of expense) and I really like what I’ve seen so far. With what I had been looking at ordering, this one discount would pay for almost 2 years of the MSB for me.

    Thanks for your work to keep bringing these benefits to the community, Jack!

  5. Thanks Jack! Another great MSB benefit. This has been on my ‘to get’ list and the sweet discount bumps it up on the list!

  6. Great product! I just renewed my MSB membership because of this discount. Thanks for all you do!

  7. I heard your spot today on Infidel body armor and saw this so I thought I would comment. I’m somewhat surprised to find them as a sponsor of the show. Their armor is no different than the other AR500 armor on the market, such as AR500 Armor and Targetman but it costs significantly more. They all have the same videos where their plates are shots MANY times with no penetration. Infidel has simply put more marketing out there around their plates and tried to take advantage of a market.
    I don’t work for either of the companies I mentioned above, but I will state that one of them does a lot to support groups who fight the second amendment and shooting sports…and they don’t try to take advantage of customers but hyping their plates through marketing to justify higher prices.

    • So these other companies manufacture their armor in Dallas Texas and employ Americans to do so? And you think showing what a product does is hyping it?

    • I didn’t look too much into AR500, but The Target Man is cut, curved, and coated in AZ at a fraction of the cost, and the spall coating in their videos doesn’t appear to peal as much. Obviously do as you wish, but even at 10% I’m not seeing the discount or basis for the premium.

  8. Nice sponsor! I’ve been looking into buying some plates for awhile now. Another sponsor where an MSB membership really pays for itself quick. $500 plate carrier and plates at 10% off? Oh hey, there goes my MSB cost already.

  9. I’m actually kind of hesitant to post this so I hope nobody feels their toes have been stepped on. I remember seeing Infidel BA back when I was shopping around, and mainly due to the price point, I went with The Target Man who is now Spartan Armor. The quality I received is top notch, they have all the videos to back up the protection they claim, etc. Even with the 10% off the price disparity is pretty big.

    So opportunity time here: If I’m comparing a 8×10 plate set for $189.99 (assuming I pay full retail – they pass out 10% codes like candy to a lot of forums and on FB and I got both my sets on the occasional 20% code they give out) or your plates for $295.00 (or $265 with the code), sell me on what the value added difference is.