New Drinking Game for the Presidential Debates — 78 Comments

  1. Jack – I like your recommendations. Turn off the idiot box and enjoy what’s really important.

  2. Lol! Nice, had to read this to the hubby! I told him earlier, no throwing things at the tv, or yelling at it either!

  3. I’m gonna save most of my drinking for when the los….I mean winner is announced after the elections. Doesn’t matter which assclown wins.

    • Oh well hell have a shot or two tonight I can announce the looser right now, the American people.

  4. Agreed; I’m going to have an adult libation while I don’t watch the debates

  5. Sorry, I have to take my medication even before the debate starts, listening to the pre-debate commentators. I wouldn’t watch this debate if not for a friend staying the night who must watch this event.

  6. It’s funny/sad because it’s true.

    If it’s any consolation, Canada isn’t too far behind. Our current Prime Minister is an Economist, so that’s been a good thing comparatively speaking.
    The former powerhouse Liberal party has two potential candidates. One has formally put themselves forward, the other is playing with the idea.

    One had a Dad who was Prime Minister and is a single-term member of parliament/former teacher, the other was an astronaut. Does this story sound familiar? At least George Jr. had been a governor and John Glenn had several terms in office, as an elected senator.

    Well, so it goes.

  7. Jack,
    Thanks for posting the idea and not being a sermon, objectively pointing out the negative , though well intentioned and well thought out reasons and of course alternatives. 🙂

    Though one could admit listening to the stuff may lead to better ideas of a write in campaign for those not actively running. I will refrain from offering suggestions perse, but I like a few folks that have been mentioned in the past on your podcasts. 😉

    Oh yeah, Those cooking videos and recipes? Great, question, any chance of Chef Keith getting in on that or Steven Harris do a evaluation and how to show? Ideally if possible with a good micro or home brew podcast?

    Thanks for all you do and I hope Dorothy got home safely.

  8. Geez if I were drinking now with the above list I would be drunk until the inauguration .

  9. I didn’t turn on the debates. Instead, I worked on my fall garden (salt to the slugs!) and enjoyed the quiet.

    I’m going to vote Romney, knowing he will not “save” us or even make a dent in the now-mathematically-impossible-to-avoid collapse that is coming. I vote merely to buy time to prepare. I vote to disrupt the current clown and the statists that surround him.

    • @Backwoods Engineer

      Ironically beer works very well as slug control. I place a small shallow dish of beer at the corners of my garden beds. For some reason the slugs are attracted to it. I find dead slugs floating in the beer the next morning. My vegetables are left unmolested.

      Romney is a statist too. He invented Obamacare, when it was called Romneycare in Massachusetts. Could these guys be anymore similar? I am voting for Gary Johnson the Libertarian Party candidate and former governor of New Mexico. I am not in a swing state. My states electoral college will go for Obama no matter what. While Johnson will not win, a certain percentage of the vote will allow the Libertarian Party access to federal and state campaign funding in the future. It will raise their profile. It also will hopfully scare the crap out of the two crypto fascist parties offering the illusion of choice. Sadly, if you are in a swing state you should probably vote for Romney, if for no other reason that the NRA might be able to prevent him from signing any further gun control legislation at the federal level.

      Don’t let any of that distract you from paying attention to your local elections however. Every major political and social change that actually worked to the benifit of “we the people” started at the grass roots level. Writing a letter to your state senator and representative explaing the nulification clause would be a good start. Getting to know the sheriff doesn’t hurt either.

      • Sincerely agree with you, Jack and wasn’t going to vote for either of them, but we are in the NRA: their facts that 3 court justices may be decided in the next election and the last vote by the Supreme Court to decide our freedom of 2nd Amendment rights won by just ONE VOTE. Obama’s last Supreme Court Justice pics (wink, wink) said they supported the 2nd Amendment. They are voting against our right to own firearms now that they are Supreme Court Justices. Also, saw 2016 the movie, Sunday night, the whole theater sat stunned at the end of the movie, myself and hubby with them through the credits. After seeing the expose, I will fight to not allow this man to have another year to destroy America as the President of the United States. Not willing to risk loosing our 2nd Amendment gun right to self-protection, not willing for a President who is depicted in 2016 to get another opportunity, I will vote for Romney.

        • Cranberryrose, I don’t mean this offensively, but you’re only lying to yourself. How many people imagined Roberts getting appointed to the Supreme Court would, down the line, cause ObamneyCare to be passed?

          NOBODY would have envisioned it, and EVERY person who voted Republican would have justified the Roberts’ pick as a necessary reason to vote.

          You can vote, but you’re only consenting to be abused; the only “difference” you imagine your vote makes is in your imagination, as proven by politicians time and time again.

          Also, I need to write a blog post about 2016. I watched that garbage the other night. For being the President of a college (you know, where they claim to make people smarter?) Dinesh D’Souza is intellectually dishonest. He mentioned the Federal Reserve….once? And only to say that they noted Americans had lost 40% of their wealth….but no mention that they know where it went! LOL! Seriously, to blame financial hardship on Obama is in part legitimate, but to NOT EVEN MENTION the banking cartel (The Fed, fractional-reserve banking) is just ridiculously out of context. Also, the way he addressed colonialism was completely phony. Also, his invoking of the “Founding Fathers” was ludicrous as well. He kept quoting James Madison… but James Madison was very much against foreign entanglements! Madison was very much against religious influence on government! Which Madison is D’Souza talking about? Certainly not a Madison which would support the current Republican party at all. D’Souza is a fraud, and the movie was a joke. I’m glad I was able to watch it online for free, so I only lost my time.

  10. Thank you, Jack, for reminding me, as I watch this nonsense, that the revolution is ME, not those ass-clowns. Heck on them. I’ll run my life for me and my family – the best they can possibly do is STOP STOP STOP anything (I learned that from Uncle Jack) – not do/tax anything new. 9:42 pm eastern time and I am frustrated with both of them. Thank goodness I have an Appleseed in 2 weeks to look forward to. That’s making things better. Much better than this nonsense, bs debate.

  11. I’d turn off the idiot box, but the idiots in the house are soaking in the idiocy.

  12. Going to bed early and reading a book on rabbits. Have some kits on the way! No debates for me.

  13. I sat at a local pub for the all-you-can eat Italian night, and discusssed politics with one of Sen. Mike Johans (R-NE) staffers..who after 5 years declared its all broke and he moved back to our state to regain his sanity. I thought we were watching the debate, but it turns out it was South Beach Towing on the TruTv network…

  14. i think the status quo will be maintained longer with obama, just because he is already there and in basic grid lock with congress.
    that being said the best we can do is to prepare to take care of the people we care about. ultimately there is no differance between the two candidates we must choose from.

  15. I just did an inventory of my precious metals in various rounds and calibers instead of listening to the lies of the politicians.

    And enjoyed some beers after that, of course.


  16. Jack,

    Funny you posted this. I was talking with one of my patients about making a drinking game out of the debates. Our discussion livened up a normally boring dialysis treatment. I am going to copy your post and give it to her to use for the next debate!

  17. Ah I missed the debates. Was so busy building a new turkey pen lost track of time. Oh well it was only a rerun any way. Same lies same broken promises same BS. Always end the same ” Bend over America I’m coming to get you” At least they have different color ties sometimes.

  18. I spent the time reloading some 357mag rounds. I thought that was a more productive use of my time!

  19. I didn’t see this post until the morning after the debate.

    I watched the debate last night…in a bar.

  20. America witnesses a “stark contrast between the two sides” – honest joe. There is clearly one man who will lead the country far better than the other. hint – its the one that won’t apologize for America.

    • The only contrast I saw was Romney was a better debater, I sure took a lot of sips to “we agree”. Listening to them debate the fact that they both created identical health care plans but that each had done better then the other was particularly amusing.

      • Right, they did create similar healthcare plans, but here are the differences: One was very successful, one has been a disaster and hasn’t even been fully implemented. One lowered costs, one raised costs. One had bi-partisan agreement, one was crammed down the throats of Americans.

        • @hammond1, please stop repeating talking points and being a pawn. The only difference between these two guys is marketing and an initial after their names.

  21. I know that you say that a lot, its like its your talking point. The fact of the matter is that one of these men has a history of success and one has a history of failures. Everyone outside of your community see’s the fact that these two men are miles apart on how they would lead our country, there should be enough differences for people to swing one way or the other. Saying they are the same person is not only insulting but completely inaccurate.

    • @ Modern Survival, In all fairness Jack, You forgot to mention the fact Romney has great hair. Which of course has made the choice clear now… Herbal Essence

    • Well then you vote isn’t going to matter for president anyway. AZ will go to Romney. So keep convincing yourself this is important to you and that you have any influence on the outcome if it makes you happy. The truth is when it comes to POLICY, they are the same person.

      If you want to say they are different, well Mussolini and Lenin were different, they pretty much did the same thing though.

      • Respectfully Mr. Spirko its not my vote that I’m concerned about, its the future of the nation that you praise daily on your podcast. I was not making a point that my vote was important, I simply refuse to be told that these two men are the same person. Romney’s policies are better and are what we need. Make no mistake, I think we need to elect him and hold his feet to the fire. If, for example, he’s elected and the country does not make steps to becoming energy independant as he plans, lets get him out of office. If the 1 trillion dollar annual defecits are not balanced, lets get him out of office. I have no tie to Romney and would be the first to vote against him if he had a failing record like that of Obama’s.

        • Yea well I am concerned about my nation too, and because I have studied history I know for a fact we are screwed and neither of these clowns will reverse our growing debt crisis and the daily advance of making America into a police state.

          You know who also promised energy independence in ten years? Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama. Keep believing the fairy tails if you want, go ahead, continue to believe in BS, that is your choice. I for one at least have woken up.

          Like I said your vote won’t matter because the sheep are equally divided by both sides by DESIGN.

        • Not to mention, how Romney is already waffling on energy independence, LMAO. You hear him go “American Energy Independence….North American Energy Independence”. Seriously you take this shit seriously?

          Two weeks ago he was already waffling on repeal of Obamacare with ,”well I won’t repeal all of Obamacare”

          So if we have Romney in 2016 and more police state then ever before, TSA in our malls and train stations, 22 trillion worth of debt, will you then tell me the other guy whoever he is is also a marxist and this is again the most important election in our history, um, again?

        • Would you have believed that Bush and Obama were the same person, had they run against each other in 2008? Yet Obama has carried on almost all of Bush’s policies, from increased foreign entanglements, increased use of torture, degradation of civil rights (indefinite detention of citizens, assassination of citizens), increasing the police/survelliance state, a record-breaking war on whistleblowers, increasing drone strikes, increasing the debt at a record pace, and he even got ObamneyCare through the supreme court. Outside of superficial non-issues like gay-marriage and abortion, there’s almost NO DIFFERENCE between Obama and Bush. The only difference between Romney and Obama is in your mind. If he doesn’t do what he says, elect somebody else? Do we have four more years to waste on another wretched politician? Common, man!

          Whatever. Rombama 2012! Cause THIS TIME will make a difference?

        • @michael that is the point isn’t it? A point no one wishes to discuss now.

          Don’t you also love the tripe of “we have to elect Romney then hold his feet to the fire and replace him if it doesn’t work out”. Really? How can we do that when we also know if Romney wins the 2016 election will once again be the “most important election of all time” and the democrats will put up the “most liberal democrat with the most socialist agenda of all time”. The same people saying it now will parrot it then, saying well Romney “is bad but not as bad as _________, we have to buy some more time until the next election.”

          If you emotionally detach from this false paradigm and just step back and watch how both sides behave it would be comical if it wasn’t our nation that is locked into this false belief system.

          Face it people the last honest guy in the White House was Eisenhower, he told the truth and he really told the truth in his farewell address and America YOU DIDN’T LISTEN and still are not listening. The last honest guy before that was Kennedy and they blew his brains out and called anyone that noticed the connection a “conspiracy theorist”. Say what ever you want about the grassy knoll, single bullet theory etc, but one thing I KNOW for a fact, once a bullet is in someone’s leg it DOES NOT FALL OUT into a gurney.

          To drive home my point please listen to

          Eisenhower’s Farewell Address


          Kennedy’s Speech on Secret Societies

          No foil hattery there friends, the actual words of two of our Presidents.

  22. Loved the drinking game, but damn, not enough beer in the town to take a sip for time one of the clowns went with the expected sheeple speak. I went to bed a started readinging the first of the 299 Day series.

  23. Jack, it sounds like your opinion on the situation is that because ron paul is not a candidate all is lost. I would also prefer Paul if not for his foreign policy stance. Romney’s energy independance plan has been a north american plan from the beginning, he simply mis-spoke when he said america energy independant. And the parts of Obamacare that he wants to keep in place are the ones that are popular on both sides, like allowing young adults to stay on the plans of their parents until 26. I guess we can either throw up our hands and declare all is lost or atleast choose the lesser of two evils.

    • Oh my God do you live with Fox News piped into your head and Glen Beck on an IV to your central neurons. Have I said a word about Ron Paul in months? Frankly I supported Paul because he was the only honest man running, the only one. That said if Paul was president we are still screwed! Economically it is over, done, finished, no return, over the cliff, get it!

      The only thing Paul could have done is the one thing you Foxites have been convinced is bad. Stop the advance of the police state and get America OUT of everyone else’s business. I love this stupid shit about Paul’s “crazy foreign policy” as if not fing with other nations, letting them run their own show and not propping them up while condemning them is just crazy.

      Do you not understand that the only reason the “dangerous Muslim nations” can continue to exist is billions in US aid, military intervention, etc. Our efforts to “stabilize” the middle east do exactly that they stabilize a system that would have failed and fallen on its face decades ago if we just left and stayed out.

      Again you are addicted to the dichotomy, you are systemic pawn, go ahead one day you may realize it is all a lie and start to work on YOUR FREEDOM, rather then forcing your version of what it should be on others.

      • I agree that financially the system is going to fail no matter who is in office. We can either let the plane crash down in a ball of fire (Obama) or gracefully crash land into the Hudson (Romney). The fact is im 26 years old with a wife and 2 children. I’m graduating soon with a degree in engineering. There are too many good and important things in my life for me to just give up and pout that all is lost and that I’m a victim of it all. I want to somehow see things turned around and I believe Romney has a better chance of doing that than Obama. I, like the founding fathers, believe that America is Gods promised land. I believe that if it is Gods will that America make it through these times it will be done. The glass may just be half-full for me but I’m not ready to give up and curl into a ball yet.

        • You got that from Glenn Beck! LMAO He said the same shit during the TARP bailout.

    • Lessor of 2 evils. That’s a hell of a choice. So don’t vote for bad. Vote for bad because that will make it better. Then we can all drink ourselves sober while we spend our way out of debit.

    • I don’t believe all ass clouds are created equal.
      I’ve posted my reasons why in the forum so the discussion can continue beyond one blog post.

      I can understand why Jack has lost faith in the 2 party system and is not hopeful that MR will change anything. By himself, MR would not…however, if a significant majority of truly patriotic and responsible people are elected to the House and Senate, I believe MR can be managed whereas BHO has created his own Executive government through regulation and made Congress irrelevant. 2010 was a big shift. If we get more of that in 2012 there will be a majority of tea-party types…Though they will be handed a flaming bag of economic dog crap…maybe they will have the courage to make at least some of the necessary decisions.

      • Wow…my forum post was removed. Not moved to another board…but deleted. …so we’re all good as long as we agree?

      • I’ve been listening to Jack for more than a year, and I’m an MSB member. I actively recruit for new TSP listeners every week, but I don’t have time to read and post on the forums all the time. I work a day job and have 2 side businesses, but apparently I’m not a productive member of the TSP forum so my post was deleted. My post was a discussion/disagreement with Jack’s view of the American system…not just political.

        …so I’m not supposed to be a pawn for the 2 party system….but I can’t speak freely on the TSP forums so I’m apparently expected to fall in line and be a pawn here. I guess I’ll only post things in the forum when I agree with Jack. I promise I’ll be a more productive TSP pawn from now on.

      • Actually forum post #38383 was removed by the moderator. No worries. I love and support TSP. I just don’t agree that all ass clouds are equal and sometimes the lessor of two evils is an unfortunate and necessary choice. The lone wolf prepper won’t make it because community is necessary. I don’t believe the lone wolf Libertarian will survive either because we need to figure out how to function within and push back against the system we have. Though we don’t have to like it, we live on the chess board of America.

        • @Sbmitt, you are behaving like a fucking dumbass then because THIS IS NOT THE FORUM and I DON’T RUN THE FORUM the MODERATORS DO. I can also assure you your post wasn’t removed because they disagreed, if they removed everything they disagreed with there would be very few posts left.

          I guarantee you that in some way you violated the TOS and that is why your post got removed. Anyway if you have an issue with the mods take it up with them POLITELY or your will end up banned. And read the TOS, the rules are for everyone mods included.

          Next if you want the freedom to say anything you want anyway you want get your own site, show, blog, etc. then you are in total control of your own rules. Here we have our rule and the rules for blog comments (run by me) are drastically different from the forum (run by the moderators).

          Lastly on your rant about voting for the lesser of two evils, go ahead be a pawn, I don’t care. The problem with people like you is your are so sure your side of the two evils is better then the other side of the evils that you are arrogant enough to believe that everyone that opts out will be a republican. As though no Democrat is smart enough to wake up to the reality that both sides are full of shit. Frankly the average democrat should be MORE not less likely to opt out.

          As badly as republicans sell out on what they market democrats are worse (speaking of politicians). The average democrat is anti war while the average democrat politician bombs the shit out of the third world. The average democrat is for the right to privacy while the democrat politicians have done NOTHING to restrain the police state. The average democrat believes that gays should be treated equally while the democratic politicians use the issue like a football being against gay marriage until they need the gay vote (Obama).

          So you keep believing in your dichotomy and thinking you are part of the solution and that we who opt out of the paradigm are lone wolves. We most assuredly are not, we are a much tighter group of people with much more community then those who are still married to the lie of the two party system. While people like you work for permission from your government we are simply acting and fighting the system only when it fights us.

          Frankly people like you piss me off, how the fuck can you say democracy is important and then tell someone like me that I don’t have the right to make a decision to vote for a third party or not vote at all. How can you come off like you are some how superior in your argument and at the same time ask me to give my endorsement as a citizen to Mitt Romney whom I consider a traitor to the constitution?

          Sir this is a REPUBLIC and every citizen has his rights and his duties, his chief duty is to follow his conscious in serving as a citizen. You don’t go telling anyone else who to vote for or how to vote or if to vote in a republic. You can say who your vote for and why and make your case for your guy but don’t go telling another citizen they need to think like you do. Frankly if you want votes for your side go to the people that still believe in your bullshit but plan to vote for the other side. You are far more likely to win over such people then to ever convince men like me who now see the lie fully to ever believe in it, EVER AGAIN.

          I will never vote for man EVER who will stand up and swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution” who is LYING when he does it, EVER and you have no business telling me that my stance on that is somehow wrong. Notice I never once told you or anyone else how to vote or that voting a certain way is wrong.

          By the way, who is your city/town councilman, who is your county comptroller, who is your state representative? I bet you don’t know with out looking them up and yet you want to tell me how I should vote for the lesser of two evils in an election where my vote WILL NOT MATTER ANYWAY.

          Please learn what a republic is!

        • @modernsurvival,
          You’re attaching your issues to my statement. “how the fuck can you say democracy is important and then tell someone like me that I don’t have the right to make a decision to vote for a third party or not vote at all.”

          You have the right to vote or not vote any way you want. Since you believe MR and BHO are the same, I would expect you to abstain.

          I don’t believe they are the same. I’m not excited about MR, but I am deeply concerned about BHO.

          My point of view is not “superior” but rather an appeal for people to consider the unintended consequences of abstaining.

          I am a webmaster for my U.S. Representative candidate, a Constitutional fiscal Conservative. I have a 4×8 sign in my yard for my state fiscally Conservative Sentate candidate and I’m involved with my local precinct. My city council person lives across the street.

          I’m a bit surprised you’re so hostile to someone who agrees with 98% of everything you say…and I NEVER miss an episode. I agree with our our system is broken but if we’re going to have a minarchy, we’re going to have to change the system from the inside like the Tea Party folks are doing. It’s unfortunate we can’t have a peaceful difference of opinion.

        • I have very little to NOTHING in common with the agenda of the Tea Party. They want to lower taxes and spending but keep things the way they are, I think you can lower it or raise it and either way we are totally FUCKED! Most tea party people are opposed to the legalization of marijuana and even see medical use as a horrible choice. The tea party mainly is conservative christian which I am fine with until you try to legislate your religious beliefs on others. I was DONE with the tea party when I went to one of the first ones and hear more about “the sin of sodomy” and “the sin or abortion” then taxes and spending and how we needed to put “republicans back in power”.

          The tea party is nothing but an attempt to push the republican party to the right, which won’t happen because the system corrupts absolutely. The few that actually stand for their principles (Like Dr. Paul) are mocked by their own party, called crazy, etc.

          I am done with this shit and frankly I am fucking tired of the damn “less of two evils” argument. None of you can make a case for Romney, all you can do is make a case against Obama, you want me to vote for a major party give me a candidate who isn’t a traitor. Don’t tell me traitor a is not as bad as traitor b.

          I also don’t care if you agree with me 98% or 1%, that doesn’t matter what I don’t want to hear though is your and everyone else’s bullshit anymore about how important this election is. It isn’t, it isn’t it is a damn LIE that it is. I have seen this movie before, heard this lie before and noticed that D or R the results are always the same.

          If Romney wins

          1. He will appoint douche bags to the court as will Obama I say this because he did as governor in MA
          2. He will not stop bombing people or repeal the NDAA or the Patriot act and neither will Obama
          3. He won’t ban guns because Heller v DC took 25 years to get to the supreme court and neither will Obama
          4. He will continue to spend money like water on things we don’t need an run the debt to 22 trillion just like Obama will.
          5. He won’t do a thing to reign in the Fed just like Obama
          6. he will not recognize states rights any more then Obama will

          Please tell me what this ass hole will do better then Obama in the long haul. Don’t tell me fucking stupid shit like he ran companies or oversaw the Olympics as neither means shit. Those are the two dumbest arguments I have ever heard.

          If you follow the money you get the truth. I also will not abstain I simply will not vote for a traitor. Likely I will vote for Johnson and my vote won’t matter just like it won’t if I vote for Romney or Obama but it will matter to me as I won’t be a fucking sellout to my own principles. You go vote for a man who won’t keep his oath if you want to, just don’t expect me too.

          I highly doubt we agree on 98% of anything. I think you are mistaking me for a conservative, I am not, I am a libertarian. I disagree with almost 98% of republicans (even non politicians) on 90% of all social issues as I don’t think it is the governments fucking business, get it?

          I am also more hostile to you due to your wining and bitching about your forum thread shit. I am also hostile becasue I am SICK of the argument. I have my view I am clear about it and this stupidity that convincing those of us who know it is all bullshit to get back on the horse will make the nation better is just stupid. Sorry to let you have it so hard you just picked the wrong day and the wrong time to say the same shit I have been hearing all year long.

          Again though if you and I agreed on 98% of anything we would not be having this conversation. I think you assume to much sir and I think you must have selective hearing.

  24. Yes, I got that from Glenn Beck, because Glenn Beck is 26 years old with a wife and two children. Stick to survival tops Jack. Your pessimistic attitude towards anyone who disagree’s with your politically is exhausting. Contrary to your opinion, you really DONT have ALL the answers. The final chapters for America have not yet been written. They will be written based on the leaders of this nation, and if you can’t see a difference between these two men than I would have to say that YOU sir are the one blinded.

    • Beck isn’t 26, really, WTF are you talking about? Beck is 48 with four children.

      BTW Beck was talking about TARP, how is that working out for you?

      How do you feel about NDAA, The Patriot Act the new NSA Data Center, LP tracking on the highways? TSA feeling up children? Etc.

      Is there even any discussion of any of this in the debates?

    • @hammond1 and you are wrong when you say,

      “They will be written based on the leaders of this nation”

      That statement would have our founders spinning in their graves. Our final chapter if it is to be a decent one will have nothing to do with our so called “leaders”, it is to be written by our citizens. The sooner they wake up to the lie, the sooner that can happen.

      • Okay. Obama and Romney are the same person and want to destroy America. You and Rev. Wright are the same and believe America is terrible and has no hope. Glenn Beck and I are the same and will endure criticism for having hope for America and faith in God. I’m proud of where I stand.

        • There is much to said for the passion and the points each of you have put forth. It was entertaining and basically factual on both accounts. My 2 cents:, this dicotomy will continue to bring us to ruin in this country, no question. However, that said, folks need to recognise that another Obama term will quite possible advance his agenda to far, to a point of disaster we cant recover from without a major collaspe and re build ( which I personally see comming) so a vote for Romney may be enough to reverse, or slow, some of the financial woes and social problems we face. If we are to ever have a viable 3rd candidate in 2016, be it Paul, Ventura or maybe Johnson or another home grown LEADER from an empowered citizenry, this election does matter, however little. Even in spite of the similarities between the two pathetic choices. My advise remains the same: Get your supplies together, learn all you can about off the grid living, solidify your realtionships with like minded people, keep your powder dry, keep your head down and pray..! lol.. I love your optism Hammond 1 and I love and respect your honest pesimism Jack! 🙂

      • LOL the rebuttal will be “Romney was successful in business”. LMAO! That is a great video when I post it I get 4000 responses about how Paul isn’t on the Ballot or Gary Johnson can’t win, etc. As if that is the point. Funny I have said NOTHING about Paul or Johnson other then as an aside for months yet people keep making the argument. My point isn’t who to vote for but people have their mind LOCKED UP. They don’t get it.

        I am saying vote for anyone you want, vote for Donald Duck if you wish it won’t change a damn thing. Get prepared for the reality of an economic paradigm shift and the EROL that will come with it.

  25. Ha!! I almost didnt make it to work!!! I may have played too honestly, I should have cheated, and not drank on a couple of the comments… Now I have three headaches!!! The one in my head, and the two that were on stage lastnight. 🙂

  26. (I’m also QuoteGuy)

    ok. gotta rant for a minute, and since this is a presidential debate thread.. this is probably the right spot.

    To the people who think ‘leader x’ will save us..
    Uh. No. The problem is not a ‘crisis of leadership’ at this point. Its math. And no longer how square jawed, clear eyed and charismatic your candidate.. he can’t save you from the math.

    “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop” – Herbert Stein

    Guess what, exponential growth can NOT continue in nature. No matter how badly you want it to. At some point you go past the carrying capacity of the environment, and then the starvation starts.

    No I’m not talking about the ‘Club of Rome’.. I’m talking about all those promises (money) made.. to be repaid ‘in the future’.. well, we’ve PAWNED our future, our kids future, our grand kids future, our great grand kids future.. they’ve all been sold into slavery so we can ‘live large’ now. And even that isn’t enough.

    The ENTIRE WORLD has been promised ten times over.

    It WILL end.

    Hot air will not save you from MATH.

    • P.S. This rant isn’t ‘pessimistic’.. its just math. I’m an optimist, I think we can do much better with ‘version 2’, and I hope we choose to.. but version 1 is done. Its time to stop mournfully reminiscing about what once was, and hoping (NOT a PLAN by the way) that ‘the good ol’ days’ will come again.. and get ON WITH IT.

      ok. end of rant. sorry for the yelling.. I’ll take my meds now. 😉

  27. I would not waste one second of my life on the “debates”. They’re scripted and faked. Plus not all of the candidates are allowed. Loser Assclown Awards for ObombA and Oromney.

  28. Even though I reside in Denmark (Europe) I follow the US primary (Ron Paul+) and the presidential election (Gary Johnson+) and thus this beer-list before the debate is FABELHAFT aka Priceless 🙂

    But I must say I don’t want to waste time watching the Obomney talking bla bla, better to spend time preparing for the economic crash coming soon… 🙂

    /Grosen Friis

  29. I will unfortunately miss tonight’s debate- I am going to my local community board meeting. There is local politics happening that will really affect my life so I am making myself get more involved. And my wife volunteers at our local public grade school now. That is how we can affect our world for the better.

  30. I know the idea of a debate drinking game isn’t new, but Saturday Night live had a skit with Obama asking Romney over the phone if they could have a drinking game during the VP debate, with some rules matching your ideas! I wonder…. maybe TSP has infiltrated the SNL writing staff…???!!?!? just saying! 😉

  31. Political Atheism: Not all ass clouds are created equal
    In addition to Jack political atheism, I heard several people in Episode 1000 who have adopted that position since listening to Jack. While I completely agree with Jack that we’ve been getting the same sort of irresponsible governing from both Democrats and Republicans, I don’t share his view that we are forever stuck with a homogenous group of ass clouds.

    There have been times throughout history when honorable people stood up for what they believed to be right and in the best interest of America. My concern is that so many Libertarians or the “Ron Paul or none at all” crowd will check out when America need them most.

    I understand how profoundly frustrated you feel when you’re given the choice between ass cloud MR or ass cloud BO. There is certainly an argument to be said that both parties have us on the same path to economic destruction. However, I do not agree with Jack that they will both have identical impacts on our country. For example, GWB created $5T in debit in 8 years. That was HORRIBLE and any honest Conservative was pissed about it. Now BHO has done $5T in 3 years. BOTH are speeding down the road to serfdom, but wouldn’t slower be better? …I know that’s a BS choice…but we must play the cards we are dealt.

    Though we’ve been screwed over the last 20 years by the 2 party system the 2010 election included the election of a wave of Tea-Party type Conservatives that were focused on restoring accountability and responsible government at all levels. Generally Tea Party people do not fixate on moral issues so I’m hoping that Libertarians can find common ground with them and embrace the big shift that occurred in 2010. I believe we’ll have even more Tea Party people elected in 2012.

    When you’re considering not voting for one of the top tier candidates this election, please consider the unintended consequences of your principled stand. I believe a Tea-party driven House and Senate could drag MR toward less government. It won’t be perfect, but it could be much better. We’ve seen the explosion of regulations and exponential expansion of the size and scope of the Federal government over the last 12 years…but I don’t think any of us imagined how out of control the government would get under BHO.

    What we have now is a Marxist-trained anti-colonialist who does not share the traditional view of America with memories of 4th of July parades and Memorial Day ceremonies. Though our Republic is in peril as a result of irresponsible government (and people), I do not believe it will survive 4 more years of BHO. I accept that our system may crumble regardless of who is elected, but I’d prefer to see someone in charge who grew up with the same basic patriotic underpinnings as the rest of us. …where if TSHTF there is at least a chance of making some good decisions.

    I don’t like picking between ass cloud A and B, but I don’t believe that all ass clouds are created equal. Please vote for the people on your ballot you believe will be able to get elected and do the least damage to your liberty and economic future.

    Don’t stay home. To not vote is to vote. Don’t be a pawn, but don’t cut your nose off to spite your face either. If you don’t want to vote for MR or BHO, then at least try to get representatives elected that reflect your views. Maybe the “crew” can turn the boat.

  32. I know Romney isn’t going to start crapping fiscally conservative unicorns. However Romney or Obama will be the next POTUS. If you live in a swing state and are considering none of the above, please watch this concise and reasonable video.

    May God help us all in the dark days ahead.
    I’m honored to be a part of the TSP community.

    Justice for Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods!