Need a Word Press Theme Designer (Well Customizer) — 15 Comments

  1. I promise I’m not being snarky here… If you Google “free wordpress themes” I bet he can find something perfect. There are tons of free themes that even have color pickers that customize the theme colors.

    • You’re not snarky, just wrong. I fing know there are millions of themes.

      • If you want a barely functional website, you can do that.

        I found an excellent theme for a site that I built, and had to spend at least half a day editing the php and css for it to not suck.

        • If you mean the site linked in your name, your idea of “not sucking” is way off

    • He has the gig, after all he has done for us I owed him the shot if he wanted it. BTW you should have an email from me, no bounce this time.

  2. We just built our temporary site (its currently a blog but are in the process of a re-design) and learned two valuable lessons with WordPress. I assume you already know this but for those who may not – if you’re starting a business and really want to expand the site, run ads, etc you do not want a account, you want a account. The .org site is self hosted and allows for many more options, .com is hosted by wordpress and is limiting. If I remember correctly, there are also certain themes and customizable options that are only available via the .org version.

    My wife actually wrote up a good article about the differences between the two and how to set up a Self Hosted WordPress site:

    If your son needs any help/advice, he’s more than welcome to email us (you learn more teaching, right?).

  3. I am familiar with self hosted WordPress site development and e-commerce. Can most likely work with existing theme, or upgrade it to one which is easier to maintain over time. Email sent.

  4. I think I have someone working on it, wondering if anyone bothered to read the post though.

    “If interested email me at jack at”

  5. Why does no one ever listen? I think everyone read the first paragraph and that’s it.

  6. Hey Jack, have you considered blogger? Its really cool, you can……

    Just kidding. Sorry.