A National Divorce Under the Best Case Scenario – Epi-3255 — 10 Comments

  1. Decentralization, Nullification, and Secession are the three key responses to DC Tyranny.

    DC = Demonic City.

    If you live in a conservative state, and the GOP holds a majority (or supermajority), push them NOW to pass Declarations of Decentralization. Re-Assert the Tenth Amendment. If you have a cowardly GOP representative, run in the primary and knock the coward out. This is an era of spiritual and patriotic warriors; the shaky-knee, spineless politicians should resign and go play golf. They are not needed anymore.

    At the very last is Secession. And this will occur along towns, counties, and some states (WV is uniformly conservative, for example). Even then, we should promote two-tiered Secession options, one of which still keeps the borders of the overall USA intact.

    1. Conservatives towns and counties secede from tyrannical leftist states and form a new conservative state (or join a neighboring conservative state). Leftist areas, such as Austin in Texas, also get to go their own way. There is a trade-off and mutual benefit. America is reformed as a loose military confederation, and domestic policies are handled strictly at the state level.

    2. A clean-break secession in which conservative states, counties, and towns establish a godly constitutional republic.

    The current status quo is unacceptable and must be permanently buries.

  2. Respectfully: Secession is nothing more than a “Distraction”. Actually implementing something workable in any State, and the surrounding States would take a generation or two. Mrs. Greene is void of virtue so she is most likely reading from her pre-planned script in keeping with the philosophy that the Left Wing and the Right Wing belong to the same bird. CJ Kilmer forgot to mention Frank Eugene Corder who crashed landed his Cessna 150 on the South Lawn of the White House September 12, 1994. CJ is correct regarding the CIA’s control in US Media, although he didn’t speak to their control in US Academia. Next time CJ Kilmer is your guest, please ask about the Eye of Providence photo he has mounted to the wall behind him 🙂
    I am a 7 year fan of your work and found your info on Biochar very educational, thank you. BTW, Salt Pork is delicious.

    • Tell me you don’t know history without saying it.

      There are many examples of this happening, we covered just a few of them.

      I am not saying it is likely, I am saying it is possible.

      “When someone says it can’t happen here, it is about to happen here” ~ John Lennon

      FWIW so many have no idea how far the TX Nationalist Movement is already along the process in Texas.

  3. I want to listen to this show, only got a little ways into it so far but secessioni seems to mean voting in your state or getting politically involved so I am not sure how libertarians can do that or support it ? I mean it would take an act of Government to succeed from another government

  4. There’s a lot that I could say but I’ll just submit this: Switzerland is as neutral as the top tier financial institutions (BIS, IMF, other central banks, etc.). I hate to use the word in this way, but “transcendent” is more accurate than “neutral”. Klaus is one “fruit” of their system.

  5. The observation that even the founder’s of the Constitution didn’t even follow their own document is the elephant in the room. Does that mean that they didn’t know how to make it work, or was it unworkable? If it takes three branches of government populated by Ron Paul’s, the conclusion would be that it is an ideal but not practical, at least not in a country of this size.

  6. There is something not being said about this episode that needs to be addressed. This chaffle miracle is like “discovering plutonium by accident”. Where has this thing been all my life? I made one in my panini machine and used it to make a fried egg, bacon and cheese sandwich. Holy cow are these chaffle thing’s delicious.