Episode-1310- Nathan Love on Building a Permaculture Business from the Ground Up — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Jack. I was wondering what legal structure would be best for a business like this? Does a person set it up as an LLC or is that not necessary?

    Glad you are making a go of this Nate. I also live in FL, southeast FL, and am going to be signing up for Geoff Lawton’s online PDC. I want to start my own permaculture consultation and implementation business as well. I am hoping to start by the end of 2014 but am trying to work up the details.

    • The answer is it depends, this is why you discuss such things with both a business attorney and a CPA first, use the attorney to do the filing and don’t just fill out a form you don’t understand from legalzoom.

  2. In this podcast Jack asked why I have no love for the Knights Templar.

    Nothing personal, I assure you. I am Jewish so my view of the Crusaders in general is entirely different from nominal Christians. For the Christians the Crusaders are seen as an idealistic group that sometimes made mistakes but ultimately their hearts were in the right place. The Knights Templar are a good example of having one’s heart in the right place. Many of the Popes and Bishops also had their hearts in the right place concerning the Crusades, but the general effect was to rouse a group of illiterate and barely taught Christians (including many illiterate knights and illiterate monks) into taking up arms against the “infidels”. One group of so-called “infidels” would be the Jewish people living amongst them. Many Jews were put to the sword even with the Bishops begging the Crusaders to stop. It was an ugly business.

    Since I am Jewish, the term “Crusader” inspires no soaring feelings within me. I have no love for any Crusader. I’m not blaming present day Christians for that. I think an individual should pay for his own sins and not the sins of his father or his brother…. or ancient knight. I understand the sort of idealism that surrounds the Crusades today and especially the Knights Templar. Just know that it makes me nervous…. just as it makes many Christians nervous when some ancient Muslim is idealized. You know what really happened. You can’t believe that anyone would admire such a person, but they do. And they ignore or whitewash whatever it was he did bad and look only for the good.

    Fine. Like I said… I do not wish to blame the son for the sins of the father… not even an ancient father. The son has enough to deal with without worrying about making up for what his father did or didn’t do. I’d rather we all just look to our own actions today.

    In the history segments I do my best to look upon Christianity and the Crusades objectively. In this recent history segment, several of the Knights Templar are burned at the stake. The Middle Ages was not always a happy place but I have no evidence that these knights were worse than anyone else. What I do have evidence of is that the King of France needed money and that he had already scr-wed over two other groups (the Jews being one of them) prior to the Knights Templar.

    So… it is all about the money. The death of Pope Boniface was largely about the money. The subjugation of the Knights Templar is all about the money… a FREAKISHLY LARGE amount of money.

    BTW, for guys sworn to poverty, these knights sure had a lot of gold laying around. That is not a criticism. With the sudden surge in the economy of the 1200’s one could not lose money unless he tried… real hard… and the kings seem to have found a way to lose money… in wars. It was sort of like a hostile takeover of a corporation… in a literal sense. That was how you made your money as a king or duke by acquiring and conquering land and people who then pay you taxes.

    I hope that serves as an explanation.


  3. Just to update this thread, we’ve posted pictures of our current concrete work at:

    Here you’ll be able to see multiple pictures of a transformation in progress. If you’ve wondered what it would be like to start your own business within the permaculture industry, here are some photos to show you what can be done. Beauty and property value increases are just beneficial side effects. Our goal with this project was to fix a poor job for a very nice family. This project was for a wife and her son who wanted to create a beautiful and enjoyable space at their home for the husband/father that was diagnosed with a late stage pancreatic cancer.

    Please be sure to “LIKE” what we’re doing, and to “SHARE” it with your friends and family. Our business was born in the TSP community, and we want to continue to contribute to our community!

    Thank you all for your unending support!