Episode-850- Natalie Bogwalker on Firefly Gatherings, Permaculture, Primative Skills and Homesteading — 19 Comments

  1. lol @ Bogwater.

    I’ll be listening to this in a bit. thanks Jack 😀

    I keep forgetting to email you and think … anyway.. what did you call the business model where you set up a website, have a supplier and never see or touch the merchandise. I know how you feel about holding products. I’ve got to start somewhere. Thanks for all you do Jack.

  2. Wow, really cool interview. I am surprised. Most would stereotype Natalie as a hippie survivalist or something, and I admit I did too at first, but with an open mind. Natalie’s approach to thinking and life gained acceptance with me before the interview was even finished. I find it so fascinating the different paths in life people choose.

  3. Jack, it’s very interesting the “community” that you talk about. Here in Texas, Rowlett actually, a woman is starting a community of homesteaders and permaculture. They are all trying to buy land and live together. I see this happening in many places.

  4. I’m amazed there was an organization like this only a few hours from my place. Plan to research these folks in more detail, but awesome podcast nonetheless.

  5. Thanks for another really good show. I really like what Natalie and her group are doing. Groups like hers and Dave Canterbury’s do a lot to help others obtain these wonderful skills.

    Also I enjoyed the part about permaculture. It seems that almost everytime permaculture is discussed on this show I learn a little bit more about it and my understanding grows.

    Thanks again!

  6. This was another I interview where I thought I would not like it. I ended up really loving it! What a great young woman. She lived in a wood hut for 5 years? Oh my gravy!

  7. Cool,

    The Firefly gatherings sound an awful lot like the Earthskills gatherings of Fuz Sanderson in Episode 841.

    • The firefly gathering was based on and modeled after the Earthskills Rendezvous. Natalie does run a good show there. I go there to teach and she comes the the Earthskills Rendezvous to teach.

  8. I was completely expecting to skip this one after a couple of minutes. But the passion and energy Natalie brought was awesome. Great interview!

  9. I went to the fireflygathering website. Clicked on the link for “registration and pricing”, but couldn’t find rates listed anywhere. ???

  10. Great interview Jack. Natalie was a terrific guest. I am seriously considering this year’s Firefly Gathering for myself and my son. We live in Atlanta, so it’s pretty close and i love the Asheville area. Like the others, I expected this episode to be a bit “out there”. I’m glad I gave it a chance.