Episode-1247- David Nash on 52 Prepper Projects — 26 Comments

  1. Speaking of Doomsday Preppers, this week’s episode just pissed me off with the idiot who’s zombie plan is to become a marauder and steal stuff from other people. I hope the guy isn’t as stupid as they made him seem, though having his buddy shoot him in the chest to test his homemade bullet proof vest makes me wonder.

    • Must have read of the man who went on a vengeful mission with homemade boilerplate armor I believe on New Zealand in the mid 19th century. The name escapes me but I can picture the site.

  2. Good show – being someone who is only a year into prepping, I really appreciate guests like David and ideas for us “newbies.” Love the idea of making your own cheese. One of my all time favorite tips was Steven Harris’ quick bread by making tortillas, using much less energy than trying to bake a loaf of bread.

    • Bannock and other ‘native’ foods are essential too. I would LOVE to know how to cook, especially ‘unconventional’ edibles lik wild plants.

  3. Brian, I have just about given up on Doomsday Preppers. I’m starting to think it is either staged, or the goal is to find the least reasonable prepper out there and feature them in a segment.

    David’s book, on the other hand, does look promising.

  4. Question for Jack and others, and feel free to delete this comment if it’s too divisive:

    Does everyone’s dislike of Doomsday Preppers exist mainly for the National Geographic producers (the guy who contacted Jack several times) or does it also extend to David Kobler(SouthernPrepper1) and Scott Hunt(Engineer775), the “experts” on the show who grade each person on the show?

    I’ve often hoped to hear one or both of them on TSP at one point or another. I believe they both give out good info on their YouTube channels and they both live in my general area.

    Again, I’m not trying to stir up any mud, I’m just curious.

    • I do not know Scott but I have met David, he has an open invitation to TSP he has never taken me up on.

      Here is how I feel, these guys likely (David for sure) know what they are doing. Their assessments don’t seem too far off given what they are asked to do. Again I don’t know Scott so I can’t say a thing about that but I have no dislike or adversity to David at all.

      I feel neither of them are responsible in any way for the presentation and production of the show. I personally would not have a damn thing to do with it. I was even offered a chance to be considered to do what David and Scott are doing once the casting idiots comprehended doing a profile on me would never happen.

      My problems with DDP are two major things.

      1. I know the producer has NO INTEGRITY because he was dumb enough to say to my face, “I don’t have integrity, in this business I can’t afford to”. So with that I am done with any chance of personally being involved.

      2. Basically it is a shitty show. It isn’t just that they make us look like wackos, it is that the show just isn’t very good. You don’t learn much, the entire scenario based thing they do isn’t very realistic and every segment starts off with a LIE. I am Bill and I am preparing for ______. 99% of the time that is a lie, it isn’t just an integrity thing.

      See when you start a so called reality based segment with a lie, all reality is departed from at that point. Now a bunch of idiots with cameras that don’t know their asses from a whole in the ground about prepping are trying to match the segment to the lie.

      How the F could you ever be realistic if that is what you are doing.

      So no I don’t have any issues with Scott or David individually. I just think DDP is a shitty show and that in the end it is harmful to the modern prepper movement.

      • NO! You’re kidding me! It’s (all) about $/ratings!

        Holy shit Batman! Blow me over with a feather!

        Come on guys.

        • Yep, what Thomas H said! Nat Geo has had tremendous success with many shows without basing them on a lie from the get go. Without making the people in the shows look like crazy ass morons.

          Again the producer of this show told me to my face and I do quote, “I don’t have integrity, in this business I can’t afford to”.

          The entire show is made from that angle.

      • UK Preppers is FAR more reasonable. They have had some great interviews and still had a high level of shock value to entertain.

    • David, my personal angst against doomsday preppers does *not* extend to David and Scott. I’ve been watching them on YouTube for years and I know that DP’s bullcrap agenda is NOT David and Scott’s mindset.

      I feel that they are staying on as “consultants” and rating the participants because they feel that they’re the only sane voice involved, and they actually try to give the families whatever help and good suggestions that they can during the “rating”. (Remember, too, that their commentary also gets edited for time; we don’t hear everything they tell the families.)
      I think they feel that if they stopped, then the families wouldn’t be getting ANY sane, rational, helpful feedback at all – and that is the main reason why they agreed to do it in the first place; they thought they’d have the opportunity to help people.

      Anyone who hasn’t seen this video would do good to watch it. David outlines how he “rates” the families appearing on the show, and explains that he often doesn’t get all of the info that we (the viewers) get. He has to attempt to rate the families based solely on the information they provide in their application. If the families add additional water storage before the video crew gets there, or reveal more extensive preps once the crew arrives (some of them don’t include all of their preps in the application for privacy purposes), David has no knowledge of it. He doesn’t get to see video that the crew took, he doesn’t get to go on-site and view things himself; he’s trying to work off of a written application and what the people wrote down (whether they were fully truthful or not).

      • This is EXACTLY who I referred to. 🙂 Yes he is one to pay attention to. His situational vids are essential, and he fills the niche of teamwork and other social areas of preparedness well, beyond his more functional vids.

        Another good one is MAINEPREPPER. He brings rationality, humility, and more military experience to the table. This Coastie would call them ‘good Chiefs’ any day. 🙂

    • @Sean: No, you come on. I’m a capitalist through and through. I have no problem with fiction, and no problem with someone making a lot of money providing people with entertainment of any kind. But blatant dishonesty and sleaziness are non-starters for a lot of people, and rightly so. Discovery Channel has made a TON of money off shows like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, etc. proving you don’t have to be douchebags to make a successful reality TV show.

      • I added my full last name now btw aka Thomas H here. Time I did so.

        Business is ALL about honor. COMMERCE IS WAR!

    • Wow Jack, thanks so much for that in-depth reply. It echoes a lot of how I feel about the show. Admittedly, I’ve only seen two episodes, so most of what I know about it comes from the comments you’ve made over the past couple of years.

      Next time I email David or Scott I’ll have to encourage them to fill out a guest form. Thanks again!

    • I follow Dave and Scott on youtube and love the work they do. I work overseas and don’t have access to DDP on a regular basis. I did catch one episode while home on R&R and I was not a fan. I could get the show in other ways but it’s not worth my bandwidth from what I’ve seen.

  5. My family enjoys the show, even though it makes us preppers look extreme and preparing for these specific, unlikely events. Preparing for “losing my job” isn’t as sexy sounding as preparing for a kraken attack.
    We try to glean what we can from the show though, and have picked up many tidbits and projects to try. Kudos to those who agree to go on the show, but we always ask ourselves if those preppers realize they are compromising their security and anonymity in time of crisis
    If Mr. Nash scans these comments, I am curious if participants are paid, and if so, about how much? I wonder if the cash incentive is enough to motivate folks to give up protected information.
    Thanks for an interesting show.
    (oh, and what is that firearm license? I’m not sure of the letters and what it stands for. Is it a federal thing?)

    • Secret: biggest prep for me is being locked out of the house for the night. Too many unknowns to me compared to a huurricane like Sandy WHICH WAS DIVERTED TO RIGHT OVER MY HOUSE! Thanks ‘haarp’ hehe.

  6. Loved the episode. Dave Nash is my favorite prepper on YouTube. Straightforward, practical, not full of himself, not all doom & paranoia, great sense of humor, and shows us other not-made-of-$$$ people what we can do if we just roll up our sleeves and do it. And when he tries something and screws it up he lets you see that, too. Great guy.

  7. I used to have a C&R License that I let expire. I have never been inspected by the ATF or even been contacted by them, however I have heard of other C&R guys that have had ATF come out after their 1st renewal. Its pretty easy to get the C&R license. Just have to meet the back ground check. Then what I did is send in my back ground info to the local sheriff department and had the chief officer sign my name off.

  8. There are some great preppers who were involved with Doomsday Preppers. ‘Southernprepper1’ did some of the scoring and tested the seven trumpets team in a really informative episode. The lead in that group has interesting beliefs and that is a great thing because he uses it properly: to propel him to be prepared like Jesus referred to by ‘taking to the sword’ till He returns. He takes it seriously and I dig that. So many possible guests I know of for the podcast!

  9. I was wondering about that C& R when he said you could get dealer discounts does that include modern accessories? Like mags or acogs ?