My Presentation at the 2012 Liberty Forum on Video — 11 Comments

    • @Entity just try a refresh I think we are putting a load on these videos right now. Vimeo is cool but no where near as robust as YouTube.

  1. @jack, I suspect you are right, It looks like it’s trying to pull a refrence external to the videos, and failing on network congestion. What an odd way to do it however.

    I’ll try again in a hour or so

  2. I enjoyed watching the video (and the audio on your podcast) almost as much as I enjoyed sitting in the audience and hearing you in person, and meeting with you and Dorothy over dinner after. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jack,
    Nice presentation… I have been listening to your podcast for around a month now. You have completely inspired me to become more self sufficient and make my 3 acre homestead a better functioning and food producing piece of land.

    Thanks for all You are doing.. I will be joining the MSB.

  4. Jack, man, you killed it. Absolutely rocked the house. Have heard you touch on all these points before, but it never ceases to amaze. Keep kicking ass, brother.

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  7. This is an inspirong message that made me feel as though I never heard such words before, eventhough I listen to TSP weekly. Very moving.