My Open Honest Letter to 2020 High School Grads who won’t have a Ceremony — 7 Comments

  1. I have a cousin that graduated this year. He’s finishing up a carpentry vo-tech program and is starting his first job on a construction team this month. He’s going right from school into the workforce, and he’ll be making good money without 50-100 grand in student loan debt. He’s been encouraged to live within his means, to save his money, and he’s close with his family and friends with a good head on his shoulders. Public education had little do with any of it, aside from experiences with friends and playing football.

    If one good thing came out of this Kung-Flu virus, it’s that the irrelevancy of public school has entered more minds than any pamphlet or private school charter ever could. Public education has become nothing more than the most expensive, tax subsidized daycare clinic money can buy.

    We do what we may with what we have, we do what we must with what we don’t.

  2. I think high school graduation should be postponed indefinitely and this should be taught to anyone willing to listen


    Finster in New Zealand

  3. This is a bobwire wrapped 2*4 of truth delivered by someone who gives a damn. Thank you. You have a way of bringing my thoughts into words with an art that I do not poses. Keep it up you jerk. We need more like you

  4. I didn’t attend my high school graduation. 30 years later I honestly don’t think about it until someone mentions they didn’t attend theirs. Salutatorian was just giving a speech about a future that hadn’t happened so “Good Luck” would have summed it up nicely. It’s not an accomplishment, just a launching pad.

    • Our Valedictorian become a druggy and wasted a education to Sanford.