The Mutating of Society Continues – Epi-3350 — 2 Comments

  1. Not often OR gets a shoutout – sadly for good reason. I lived in Portland from 2008-2020. It was a fascinating city and being there when it came out of the 2008 financial debacle was truly unique. But that time only lasted till maybe 2015 and the wheels came off.

    The saddest part is that while Portland is now degenerate, it still largely dictates what the rest of the state does.

  2. I currently live in Portland Oregon,

    The city is, in my personal opinion, an open air mental asylum with free range mental patients.

    I found this TEDx talk that really explains why we have a homeless problem in the United States.

    Homelessness In America: The Journey Home | Israel Bayer | TEDxPortland

    In Service,

    Jack Spirko for President 2024 – Don’t vote for him.