Episode-836- Understanding Multi System Dependence — 27 Comments

  1. In regards to the military industrial space and employment. That would be one component of the problem if they scaled back. However, if they scale back the military supplies most likely they will scale back the number of enlisted soldiers. Just think how that would affect unemployment. Every person the serves in the military is eligible for unemployment when they leave not to mention there would be less employment available in the private sector. I believe this is a major economic risk, but also leads to the creation of conflict in order to justify the expenditure. Maybe many of these men would find employment in personal security like many 3rd world nations.

    • Guns vs Butter. We don’t need huge military expenditures on cold war platforms like the F-35 to fight the police action wars we seem to fight nowadays. Haven’t you noticed that US military policy has been to fight small nations without effective armies or alliances. We don’t need jets to fight people who don’t have an air force. Politicians are resource managers.
      We have limited resources to spend on government functions. Why are we using the US military to create new markets for corporations that don’t invest in America? Stop the global hegemonic dominance of the rest of the planet and focus on domestic policy here at home. We wouldn’t have all these problems with our budget if we didn’t keep trying to build the global empire with all of our resources.

    • Guys like Peter Schiff of the Austrian School would say that these resources are being mis-allocated to the military instead of being put towards productive elements of society. In the short term, might there be some unemployment & recession? Yes. Because when you dismantle any inefficient (non-free market) allocation of resources you’re basically popping a bubble. In the medium to long term though, the resources (both the people and the capital) will be more efficiently allocated by the free market for the greater economic good.

  2. A quick comment on your car discussions and eventually getting to a point where you pay cash. I drove a stripped down truck for a decade, “pretended” to have a car payment saving for the next car every month, and then when I finally upgraded last year (out of necessity) bought an excellent, one-year-old vehicle and PAID CASH. Felt awesome.

  3. Great show today, Jack – knocked it out of the ballpark!

    One thing in particular – your comments about the debt system and how you still are dependent on it to some degree even if you have no debt. Unfortunately I’m all too familiar with the problem of being trapped in a house even though I can afford my payment – a lot of us are in that situation I’m afraid.

    Another thing that irks me about the debt system is when people brag that they use their credit cards but pay them off every month, so the banksters aren’t making a nickel off them. Not true! You are still making money for the debt system & promoting it by allowing the banks to take merchant fees out of the merchant’s pocket. So whether you pay it off or not, you’re voting FOR the system & giving them a profit when you use your credit/debit cards. If you’re okay with that, fine, that’s your choice. But people need to know they are still feeding the beast even if they don’t carry a balance.

    • totally agree. i don’t want the cc companies, or the banks, making any money off of my laziness at the expense of the merchants I’m buying things from.

      i just don’t want to support a system I don’t believe in.

      So I use cash. Once or twice a month i go to the bank and take out enough money to cover all of our everyday expenses. before leaving the house i check the wallet and refresh as necessary.

  4. 10 Best Jack! I sincerely believe this belongs in the Shows for New Listeners section of the Welcome Center. It’s a great tin-free starter dose of the red pill for those that want to unplug and see what the matrix really is.

  5. Jack, great show. I just sent you an email about my own home mortgage issue when you started talking about it on this episode. Yep, I bought a home within my price range, now I can’t do squat cause after 10 years of paying on it I’M STILL UPSIDE DOWN on it. Yes, my home value has dropped almost 50%!! UGH.

    • So many of us in this situation – argues for a full show on achieving liberty when underwater. It pisses me off to hear Jack rightly say every week “you’re either getting more liberty or less – there’s no stagnant”. Yeah? So how do you get more liberty when you’re six figures in the hole?!?

  6. Where is a link to Jacks comments on the doomsday preppers show? Was it posted on the blog or just mentioned on a podcast?

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  8. Great show!

    You are so right about the system trapping people on welfare. I worked with people for my Church back in the day when I was a Minister. The system is set that the only way off is to go from no skills or experiance to a full time middle class job.

    This works if you went on it because you employer failed and it is very tempoary. But if you’re a low education/income class person, you are going to lose money if you get a job.

    It takes a lot of effort and pain to work your way off welfare.

  9. Hey guys,

    I’m buried beneath a pile of work and didn’t get to hear all of yesterday’s podcast all the way through. I see my website (Homestead Dividends) was linked to the show notes. I didn’t hear the mention, so I don’t know what was said. If anyone can tell me so I can give more info or address any questions here or on my site, let me know.

    PS If you haven’t figured it out yet, Jack is an awesome guy and gives a lot of great advice. You still have to live your own life, but you can do a lot worse that following his lead on many issues.

    Dan Vamos

  10. Jack. A protip? Let’s stop generalising and saying things like, “No one can do this,” or, “Isn’t prepared for that”. Makes you look asinine. Just like when you said, “Nobody can emotionally prepare for the loss of a spouse.”

    Again, just a tip. You don’t know everybody, therefore, that statement is null and void.

    • Declan,

      A fact, if you are saying you can be prepared to loose a spouse you are either full of shit, asinine, a psychopath or all three.

      Frankly if anyone looks asinine here it is you.

      I will say it again, no one is really prepared 100% for everything and I do know that. Those that say they are are full of shit. Prepared isn’t just about stuff and things. Now go bug someone else and tell them how to be a “pro” I’ll just stick to helping people as I have done for four years now.

  11. Hey Jack, this was a great episode. But the thing that stuck with me the most in it was what you had to say at the end regarding making CONSCIOUS decisions.

    I think that’s the key in just about everything in how we live our lives, especially if we’re interested in preparedness. When people spend money unconsciously (as in going to the mall as a social activity) they put themselves into debt. When they eat unconsciously they gain weight. And so on.

    By just being conscious about the little things you do on a daily basis, you can take incredible control over your own life. And it helps you to become more conscious of the bigger things out there that you might not be able to directly control but affect you nonetheless — like the “systems” you spoke about in this episode.

    Keep up the great work — it helps keep my long commute tolerable!

  12. System has multiple heads ? It reminds me of
    Revelation 13:

    1 The dragon[a] stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. 2 The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. 3 One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. 4 People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

  13. “Declan,

    A fact, if you are saying you can be prepared to loose a spouse you are either full of shit, asinine, a psychopath or all three.

    Frankly if anyone looks asinine here it is you.

    I will say it again, no one is really prepared 100% for everything and I do know that. Those that say they are are full of shit. Prepared isn’t just about stuff and things. Now go bug someone else and tell them how to be a “pro” I’ll just stick to helping people as I have done for four years now.”

    Uh, I’m not any of the three. I’m the hidden fourth option; a higher being above the rest of you all. The only reason you -think- I’m full of shit, is because you’re insecure as a person, and most likely has no bearing on his emotions. I was hoping you’d come legit with your response, but you ended up looking like a right twat. I’m prepared for anything and everything, because I am. Whether or not some overweight fuck who spends his life talking to people too scared to do shit about a damn thing for an hour five days a week agrees with that is his problem — of which you have many.

    Even if I -were- asinine, I’d rather be that and legit than the opposite and a coward, or someone who hides behind text and letters. When you’re ready to throw-down, come see me. Otherwise, you won’t be fucking with me anytime soon. ( :

    Have a nice day, sweetheart.
    – Love, Declan <3

    • @Declan,

      What you are is one of my pathetic little bitter stalkers and you are full of shit. There you go man. I don’t care what faith you are of you are not prepared for everything. What you are is a sad person that thinks they can intimidate others while doing nothing meaningful. Further real men of faith don’t go around doing what you just did above.

  14. No. What I am is a legit badarse who sees through you lot lot sequence. YOU’RE the pathetic one. Your jealousy of that fact that I’m prepared for anything, and you aren’t, proves that. I’m sad? Bitch, I’m a Marine, world traveller, cultural mutt, martial artist, life extraordinary, and general interest badass. What the fuck are you? I’ll tell you; some overweight, ignorant, shallow, narrow-minded twat who hides behind words and letters on a screen. You don’t even have the balls to stand up to TV producers to let ’em know what we’re really about. You’re probably divorced with two kids who don’t even call you “Dad” anymore, who frequents visits to Thailand thinking you can get it up to Asian schoolgirls who wouldn’t fuck you even if you paid them, for fear of committing bestiality.

    Of course I’m not a bloody retarded man of faith, you stupid fuck. I do more meaningful shit in an hour than you do in a year — fair dinkum. I don’t copy you, YOU copy ME. Everyone wants to be like, or even comparable, to Declan. But the sad yet good truth is, that only 1% of the world’s population could even be on that spectrum, let alone comparable to my level of perfection.

    Now either say something worth the effort of replying to, or update your trolling style. Seriously, you’re fucking 40 years old and trolling someone half your age? I already chumped ELEVEN of your administrators and moderators; taking one of you buggers on ain’t shit; believe that.

    I’m done with you. My IQ drops by the second with each letter I type. Have a nice day, sweetie.

    Love, Declan <3

    • @Declan you are a sad human being. Normally I would delete such comments but they make you look so ever loving stupid I will let them stand.

      By the way if you are as “bad ass” as you claim why do you hide like a coward and not tell people who you are. I mean you really aren’t an “internet bad ass” as you claim as I figured out who you were really EASILY. I mean I could tell everyone who Declan is so they could decide if they really want to “be like Declan” or not. But that wouldn’t be fair, if you want them to know you tell them.

      You are such a sad pathetic and cowardly little man hiding in the shadows of the www. I mean everyone knows who I am, I don’t hide who I am. Tell people who you are (they shall not be impressed) or begone.

  15. I’ll tell you who I am; someone who’s clearly a better person than you. Of course, you were in the Army. I’d expect this level of moronity from a Soldier. Nonetheless, I’m a REAL badass, whereas you aren’t even a net-based badass.

    Give me a fucking break, kid. You’re 40 years old, and arguing with someone half your age. You’re a child; nothing but an overweight cunt who thinks he’s legit because he has a podcast. You can’t even rebuttle or refute any of my previous points because you know they’re true — which is why, I’m assuming, you’ve been ignoring them.

    You didn’t figure SHIT out you bloody elephant. You know only what I WANT you to. You had me figured out, you reckon? Twat, please! I had you pegged from the moment I heard your first ignorant comment.

    Again, someone half your age was able to make you look stupid. I’d LOVE to see you talk this shit in person. Again, if your overweight, muffin-top, chicken-legged, rodent-looking, shit-talking, narrow-minded, ignorant and cowardly arse isn’t trying to say this shit in real life, where it matters, don’t say SHIT at all. Okay, pumpkin?

    I know who Jack Spirko (Cuntco) is, so believe me when I say that my people know EXACTLY who you are, and don’t wanna fucks with you. Not only are you a disgrace to the United States, you’re a disgrace to society. People like you are the reason why we cannot progress as a species.

    One last time: Don’t say shit to me unless you’re going to back it up in real life. You got that? Your faux courage and “witty” remarks are ineffective — mainly because they aren’t witty at all.

    Stupid cunt.

    Love, Declan

    • @Declan,

      You look like a fool man. That said this is your last cowardly anonymous rant on my blog. You want to say how tough you are, go ahead just tell us who you are (again I know, I could put a picture of where you live online for all to see if I wished to but if you want to be a coward and remain in hiding while mouthing off that is fine).

      I mean you call people out but hide who you are? Typical child, tell the world who they should be in awe of. Until then my cowardly hiding behind the www friend you are DONE on my blog. Your little tantrum there is the last one I will waste time responding to or allow to remain. You want to go show us how bad you are? Do it with your own resources.

    • Declan you have got to be the most schizophrenic troll I’ve ever seen congratulations you have created a new category, you must have not taken your anti-retard pills, how dare you, you fucking soft silky pussy boyyyyy!!!! You probably couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag. The loudest talker is known for being the weakest with sugar in his tank, you wouldn’t last a day in my neighborhood. I’m in Bakersfield, Ca we can meet up on the corner of Watts Dr. and Lotus Ln & never ever, ever turned down a fight, yes I’m a mixed martial artists/ tactician….I know for a fact that you will not live up to it even if you were here pussy…come see me!!!!!! Black & 28 yrs old, 6′ 240lbs

      Sorry Jack I just can’t let it slide it’s your job to handle these situations professionally this kid needs good old fashion ass whoopin talking to his elders like that, I’ve been when waiting to find a way to vent my anger man and I love to fight, physically and in debates I can go with the best of em