Mulligan Mint Open House — 28 Comments

  1. So Jack, what’s the best way we can help? Copper rounds? I want to buy something from them that will help them dig out, rather than dig in. Sentinel if possible. I want the mint to be around for ages. I want to start bartering in silver. Paradimes are great for that, 10th ounce of pure silver, no us currency so they cant say its us dollars… etc.

    • Copper is a great way to help out right now. Sentinels are taking some time to fill because they sold the crap out of them, but original TSP copper has same day shipping. Frankly they make about the same profit on 3 coppers as they do on one silver round. So a roll or two of coppers is a great way to give them some business and not be out much money.

  2. You know, Bryan Black at ITS Tactical makes a pretty good chunk of change on all the patches they design and sell. Heck, that recent Star Wars batch sold out in less than 24 hours and made $15,000 ($30 x 500 sets).

    Since Mulligan Mint deals with graphic designers and has the rights to the images on the coins why not create a set of morale patches with some of the more popular coin faces? This way fans can support MM, give the brand some advertising, and have badass morale patches to add to our gear.

  3. Rob or Jack –
    What’s the cutoff date or order # for ‘trapped’ orders?

    Can we get some numbers on ‘back ordered’ and ‘trapped’ oz?
    (this doesn’t effect new orders.. so I don’t see how this would effect potential sales)

    • All orders on September 13th and after are considered “post-petition”. All post-petition orders are not locked up, and we’re filling them in reverse order as fast as we can.

      • Rob,
        What about the second part of insidious’s question? Can we get some numbers on these orders? How about some legitimate delivery time estimates instead of the generic “fast as we can”. I have supported the mint from the beginning and hope you succeed but am starting to feel left out to dry with the lack of information on filling orders.

  4. They should do a cash and carry event monthly or every other month. Most people work on Tuesdays and can’t make it out to Dallas.

  5. Funny. I just put in a paradime and copper (both sentinel) order. I put them in separately in case their were shipping differences. I almost feel bad if my order bumps an older order.

  6. Yep… Im one of the “trapped” orders.

    Placed the order on the day of TSP episode back in September.
    Placed order on 9/19 while website said 10 business days after check cleared.
    Check cleared on 9/29 and now I don’t know when I will get my ParaDimes.
    Maybe a solution is to STOP taking any orders then those that are trapped would get their silver sooner.

  7. I have a order from 8-29-13. Can i cancel and “reorder” with the funds you’ve already had in your bank account for over 2 months? I really want to support this but every time I try I get kicked in the face!

    • I wish I was local. That way I can see if there is inventory of the items I ordered over 2 months ago. It’s a slap in the face of the people that are trying to support you, (MM & TSP). Didn’t I hear Jack say that ordering from MM is dangerous and risky last week? What has changed that view in the past week? I view the open house as “SMOKE & MIRRORS”!

    • IIRC, MM has a buyback program where you could possibly break even from the split in spot prices, but I don’t know if MM would be permitted to do that right now. I get the feeling you aren’t grasping the court mandate concept.

      • it just seems like they would want to get caught up before pushing ahead? Why take more orders you can’t fill?

        • Try re-reading:

          “The mint is slowly digging out of its hole but as it is in bankruptcy it has to do what it is told to do by its trustee and the court. Right now that is as follows.

          First – all new orders are to be filled and done so as soon as they are placed.

          Second – any back orders are to be filled in reverse order, the newest orders first. I know this doesn’t make sense but it is what the court has ordered.

          Third – once all back log of orders are filled the mint should be able to at that time be able to fill “trapped orders” these are orders that were placed before the bankruptcy filing.

          Rob told me last night, if he had the choice he would be filling orders based on the oldest first, but he doesn’t have that choice at this time.”

          I’ll put it this way. Mulligan Mint is the court’s little bitch right now, and the court calls the shots. Perhaps you could contact the judge…

        • Yes Inbox I can read. If you take out number 1 (no new orders) in your quote, number 2 and 3 happen quicker and customers are happy, maybe encourage repeat business. Hmm repeat business is a great business concept. I’m done with this!! over and out! Buyers beware!

        • Lets see we have a business in bankruptcy, so we then take that business and stop taking any orders, cash flow ceases. And you came to this great idea with what understanding of business?

          Further even if that would work and all it would do is take them from technical to actual bankruptcy by the way as in doors closed in a week or two, they still can’t do it. An entity in bankruptcy is at the control of the court and must do what it is ordered today. In this case work hard to prove itself viable by running at a cash flow positive status and using all positive cash flow beyond initial fulfillment to work its back load in reverse order.

          I absolutely understand any and all that right now would not order. I have cautioned everyone honestly to the risks of doing so.

          Again though no new orders equals a few orders filled then doors closed.

  8. I think this will be a great opportunity and should help with some positive PR. I am local and plan on being there.

    Will there be any discount available for MSB members at the open house?

    Do you expect to have paradimes and other silver inventory available at the event?

    • I went to he open house, although I couldn’t stay for the entire thing. For those who might wonder, it is very well set up, all equipment was being used and looked great, the place was cleaner than my house is right now, and I was impressed. It all looks really professional. I could tell from experience in the machinery area, it was OSHA compliant, or at least from what I could see – I haven’t worked with that in a long time, but if you do the visible stuff, you are probably compliant. You have to be in compliance if you intend to stay in business, probably not so much if you don’t, so that was a good sign to me.

      I added to my little PM preps, and really had a good time meeting people who have a similar outlook to mine. I visited with five or six other visitors and a few of the speakers, including one in a brown hat, and generally enjoyed the open house.

      When I clicked over to see if others had commented, I noticed that I had two dislikes from my original post. I wonder if they bought any MM products ???? One reason I sort of keep to myself on here is the anonymous nature of pseudonyms, the likes/dislikes, and lack of accountability. Anyway, I hope MM makes it. They have added some originality to the PM field.

  9. Just wanted to chine in that my most recent order (via credit card) was in my hand 17 days after I ordered it. Aside from previous delays I’ve had no problems with them, and intend to continue to shop with them.

  10. After hearing every thing and doing a little fact finding of my own. I decided to support Mulligan Mint. I took Jacks advice and ordered some copper rounds to help out, I also ordered some silver rounds too. To all the guys at Mulligan mint keep fighting the good fight.

  11. FYI. I saw on MM’s site that they are not taking any new orders, so all the back logged orders can get filled. Yay for me and everyone that have open orders with them. Hopefully they will have enough inventory to fill them all and get back on track soon.