MT Knives Sells Out All 100 Stakeholder Positions in 6 Minutes — 55 Comments

  1. I was online 5 before the start of the sale, and at 9 the site crashed, kept hitting F5 and nothing happened. Congrats to those lucky few.

  2. Ho-ly Crap! Congratulations! The positive influence that TSP has on peoples lives is a great thing. Thanks, Jack!

    • πŸ™‚ Sam I like your style! I hope you get in!… but not sure anyone would be crazy enough to sell, stay on the mailing list and you will be the first to know

  3. Sweet, I got in at #22, pretty stoked….was real nerve racking kept refreshing the site page for 25 minutes until I got the email…looking forward to working with Patrick

  4. Very quick thinking on MT Knives’ part. I was lucky to get in and get my birth year (66).

  5. I got #27. Man, should have upgraded to the faster DSL package . As soon as the email came through I completed the purchase. Congrats to everyone that was able to become a partner.

  6. Well I’m pretty fucking gutted. Apparently Paypal sending my payment through didn’t actually mean I got in. Patrick just sent an email to the mailing list saying he contacted the stakeholders with details, and I got nothing. So now I’m minus the price of buying into the program until Paypal gets around to processing my refund, and nothing to show for it but a sense of crushing disappointment after a day spent thinking I had made it.

    • @Tyler
      I’m not sure what that means. I’m in the same boat. PayPal sent my payment but I didn’t get an email from Patrick yet. I would think they would have set it up to only sell the number available. I’ve emailed Patrick but have not heard back from him on what is going on.

      • So did you get your email… anyone who’s paypal went through got in… it was set to not oversell. I have been staying up late trying to make sure everyone was notified but I could of missed some I had a ton of emails!!!

    • Tyler I had the same thing happen. Payment sent from PayPal but no email from Patrick πŸ™

      • Well it would be far more productive if you guys emailed Patrick then commenting here, I mean I don’t mind but if you want a resolution I would go to the man himself.

      • Yeah Jack I did. Just was venting is all. It sucks but whatever. Not your problem, though, sorry.

        • Tyler,
          We were swamped in emails. If Patrick hasn’t gotten back with you email again. There is a Tyler on the list but I don’t know if you are him. He spent hrs sending out place number emails and lots of people DIdNT get them. so he had to resend most of them.
          Hope you are in! Patrick could have sold them 10 times over.
          Em ( Patrick’s wife)

    • You are right Jack! I had emailed him because I saw others were in the same boat. Turns out I got #30! Never did get an email, but I did get amazingly fast responses from Patrick!

    • Try checking your spam folder y’all. I use gmail and all prior emails from Patrick went to my Inbox except the one notifying me which number I got.

  7. Tyler- did you not get an email from Patrick telling you the number you got? Check ur spam folder

  8. Got #51, I’m very excited to be part of this, and I can’t wait to get my knife and put it to work!

  9. Does anyone have any additional details about this program? Specifically:

    1) Is every knife made a knife that I have the right to buy or are only 50% (for example) of the knives made to be custom LE knives that I have the right to buy/sell?

    2) Will each LE knife be made upon request by a buyer or are they made in batches of 20 (for example) and don’t make anymore until the first 20 sell out and then another batch of 20 is made, etc.?

  10. I’m happy that he sold out so fast but I’m a little upset. I got his email 10 mins after they sold out. I wish he would’ve delayed the time by an hour or so and stated it in the email. Oh well. Congrats to him and the lucky few.

    • Sorry, I have learned many things with this launch. Stay on the mailing list and you will be the first to know if someone decides to sell there stake. Thank You for understanding!

  11. I did read some reviews of it and I’ve learned why it was sold out that fast. It’s really a great knife. I would also definitely buy one for me.

    • Well be the first to know by signing up if your not already to my mailing list… I am sure there will be opportunities here in the near future. I will be working hard to get the next batch out as soon as possible!!!

  12. Just want to post an update on my earlier venting: I was wrong, I DID get in, I just never received the first email telling me so. Patrick got back to me promptly, it unfortunately only just occurred to me to clear up the matter on here where I’d so publicly bitched about it. Number 79 reporting in!