Stories the Media Ignored this Week – Epi-3519 — 2 Comments

  1. One should consider that the Biden/Trump saga is a mere distraction to what is actually happening “Behind the Curtain”. So, what is happening behind the curtain? The Installation of the One Global Government.
    One has to be quite disconnected to believe that the Deep State is betting their “investment” on the two monkeys (Biden/Trump) representing the UNIPARTY. So just consider, historically the Deep State kept their power via the DS dollar as the World Reserve Currency. The enforcement to maintain the status as World Reserve Currency was performed by the US Military and soft political measures. Today, the unwinding of the World Reserve Currency has begun, and the DS appears to be on the sideline. Really? Nope, the DS is lead the charge for One Global Governance… note Davos attendance and G20 leadership. Regardless, the key point to the topic is in the question “we have two monkeys at the center of the show and the show is a mere distraction”. Personally, the debate (which I did not watch) was 90 minutes of two ole farts playing their assigned roles.

  2. Could have done some editing on the earlier post.
    Thank You Jack.
    I hope we can get back to more home growing and lifestyle podcasts. I really enjoy and have learned a lot from your podcast, especially Expert Council.
    Post note / New Topic, I was absolutely shocked to learn that commercial corn grown today has been genetically modified to ABSORB Round Up … Have you heard about that?

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