MSB Week in Review – 008 — 16 Comments

  1. Looks good Jack! I’m excited about this spring and seeing everything coming up in all the swale mounds and the new forest garden installation. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Jack, that was great! Where are you getting the truckloads of compost/lava sand? And, obviously, you trust your source to not have herbicide etc in it. I’m local, and I’ll be needing some compost and also some wood chips later this spring. Thanks again. (sorry, I posted this to Vimeo first, then realized you probably wanted it here.)

    • I get it from a place called Silver Creek Materials and I don’t really sweat “herbicide residue” if a place doesn’t use agricultural waste.

      Small amounts of toxins in compost relative to the whole (despite Paul Wheatons paranoia) are not an issue here is Geoff Lawton explaining that.

      The place I use is mostly making compost from tree trimmings, entire trees cleared from building sites, etc. They also have a small heard of long horns that free range the property. Here is the place

      Simply put if a place is making compost from tons of material from tons of sources I don’t really worry. When a place is using agricultural waste I worry.

      We are lucky they are only 5 miles away and they give veterans “contractor pricing”.

  3. The work outside the chicken coop has me thinking. I like the protected productive space and the way the water can be dumped right out into the system. I do some of this with the horses watering them in the mulched swale trench and dumping it right there. Who wants to haul water to put it back into the system if you don’t have to.

    • Yep and it is just a modification of what I learned in Marjory Wildcraft’s DVD, they do haul more accurately pump water with gravity to their orchard. They fill tubs for their geese and dump the tanks on a tree, then move to the next one.

      Here though I have to fence out the chicken so the appropriate technology is going to be a short hose and a small pump. Honestly I may run some pipes to each location, and then a valve system and then, well you get the idea.

      Goose poop make the forest garden grow!

    • I don’t really have much to share on bamboo, it is cool, you can get clumping or running and this will be the first time I have grown it.

  4. Hey Jack, a couple of shows ago, you talked about a guy who would plant 4 different types of trees close together and prune them in such a way that he could harvest different fruits throughout the year. Any chance you could post a link? I found that to be fascinating. Thanks!

  5. Did something happen to this weeks video? I clicked the link above and entered the code but I’m getting the following page at vimeo:
    “Unauthorized Sorry, there is no video here. Either it was deleted or it never existed in the first place. Such are the mysteries of the Internet.”
    I’m a life time MSB’er and I copied & pasted the code, so I know that’s correct. Is anyone else getting that, or is it just me?

  6. Jack where do you get all the wood chips. Local tree service gives them away here but I haven’t been able to get the. I looked into buying from local nurseries but all they sell is pine and it’s mostly bark. Should I use the pine back or keep looking for hard wood chips? Your place is looking good.