MSB Week In Review 006 — 17 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,
    What are your thoughts on M2’s operation? Are they safe to order from? I know from some other sites that they still have some long outstanding orders.


    • They are probably safer to order from then anytime in recent history. Those outstanding orders are on the back side of the bankruptcy, they are not permitted to fill them by court order. Right now they have a court appointed trustee on site at all times and must by court order fill most recent orders first and work back from there.

      This is NOT my opinion by the way, it is fact.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the swales! Really helps me crystalize the whole concept in my mind. Couple questions 1) Did you get organic hay as your mulch on the berms? 2) Also are you planning to put cardboard and wood mulch in the swales to prevent weed growth? I have found if I don’t do that, they get overrun with “weeds”. Not sure if that is bad or good. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  3. Another great one Jack. I would like to see your you talk about your truck with the Steven Harris system you are installing, if you have not already.

  4. Is it just me or are the videos almost impossible to watch. Vimeo starts and pauses, and stutters. I don’t have any problems with you tube videos, but it takes forever to get thru a 5-10 minute Vimeo video. I love the content, but have almost given up trying to watch.

    • I would have to say it is likely just you for some reason. Occasionally Vimeo has a bad hair day but it isn’t normal. Remember you can also download the entire video.

    • It is like that for me, too, and I have been wondering the same thing. Could be that I’m in a remote area with poor ISP service. However, Youtube and other video streaming sites work just fine for me. Vimeo not so much.

    • Same thing happens to me, every time. My computer’s kinda old, though, so I think it’s just an issue of trying to play HD video through a Flash player in a browser taking up too many resources. But I download the HD video file and can watch it just fine on my preferred video player.

  5. When’s your Chuffa getting harvested? I’m still very interested to see how it did in the stock tank situation.

  6. Something changed on the vimeo website for me. No place to put the access code. Is this a temporary glitch or did something change? I have watched the previous 5 with no problem.

    • Either a temporary glitch, or a problem on your end. I just visited the link and the password field was there per usual. Did you use a different browser this time…?

      • oh how right you were. It was a tough morning technologically speaking. This was just another temporary glitch like you stated.

  7. Hey Jack, just FYI, when I click the Videos tab up top, under the banner, this video isn’t listed with the rest.