MSB Updates for 4-3-13 — 9 Comments

  1. Hey everyone,
    I personally know Darby from a few Farmers Markets that we both sell at and he is a great guy who knows his stuff with Farming. When we get chickens he is the one I will bug to help me get things going.

  2. I heard Glen talk about the DHS hollow point purchase again and state that hollow points are not for training. That is a civilian point of view. I was a police officer before my current Army career. All we were issued was hollow points. I had a family member 13 years ago work for INS and he was only given remington hollow points to train with and use for personal practice. The reason why is because they want them to train with what you carry. I wish our community would get off this issue and quit acting like it is a bigger deal that what it is.

    • I actually agree with that and think people need to stop making a big deal about the HP component, there is a huge story in the VOLUME though isn’t there?

  3. Agreed. I want to know why this institution has gotten as big as it has, particularly from weapon carrying enforcement officers. They’re blowing away the FBI by volume (for example).

  4. Thanks for continually beefing up the MSB benefits. Its not just quantity but quality.

  5. AZBunman and Jack, I agree except that they are not stating that and IMO that is the issue with government in general. They don’t say what they mean and mean what they say. I agree that the volume “may” not be a big issue since the order was “up to” X number of rounds, but I have never seen a HP cost per round lower than a FMJ round. And since they are citing lower costs for buying in bulk, there is something amiss.
    Of course that may just be what they want us to focus on, just like the birther issue. No serious person on the center to right spectrum is bringing that subject up. It’s always the left and the media. Look here and don’t look at the other thing that we are doing over there.

    But back to the real issue here, great news Jack. Keep up the good work trying to get us good deals on good products from good vendors. Thank you.

  6. Sorry for starting this comment in the wrong area I thought I was commenting in the show notes. Jack yes I think there is a big story in the volume, however it is over a 5 year period. I think that DHS has grown too large and needs to be scaled back, along with the government as a whole. We have too many redundant agencies, and unlike prepping, redundancy in government is not a good thing. But this should be expected with the government and the way they can waste money and resources and turn around and say “we don’t have a spending problem.”