MSB Updates 1-10-17 — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for these great MSB perks! I especially look forward to accessing the videos, as I doubt I’ll ever make it down to a session in Texas! You already sold me on the Self Reliance Mag, as soon as that first ad came on, so maybe I’ll use that code when I renew 🙂 Thanks for so much that you’ve introduced me to via this podcast.

    • Rich, Did you find the videos from the TSP Fall 2016 class? I cannot find them either.

      I can see:
      – Survival Podcast Publications with North American Medicinal Plant Guide
      – Survival Podcast Premium Videos with Building a 3 Part Composting System
      – Archives of The Survival Podcast Episodes 1 through to 899
      – ebook publications
      – ebook publications from the public domain

      And that’s it.

      • Sorry I was a dumb ass the videos are shockingly on the page called VIDEOS in the MSB.

  2. FYI, just got a subscription to Self Reliance and went to get one to Backwoods Home but they are having an issue with the shopping cart button for the annual subscription. This should be fixed in a day but wanted to let folks know I talked to them and they are now aware of the problem.