MSB Special Discount — 12 Comments

  1. Alright, twist my arm. Jack I have been listening for a year now and absolutely enjoy all the great content you provide. Thanks again for all that you do. Being an Army Vet myself ( 2/75 Rgr-Rgt) I have considered taking you up on your vet discount for some time. As of now even with this offer I can’t justify taking it as you provide so much for the community. Expect me to pay full price for membership as a sign of my gratitude (everyone else grab the deal while it lasts). Have a great time at the expo.



  2. Jack,

    I didn’t know you were coming to the expo, that’s awesome! I have been using your billtong recipe for a while, and have gone back and started at podcast #1 and am trying to listen to them all. I will definitely stop by and grab a cert, what booth are you in?

  3. Looking forward to more details about an event in MT.
    Hopefully it will be in the Flathead Lake/Kalispell area like the Liberty Bell one this past June (that I found out about too late) rather than the eastern part. If so, maybe the folks from Sustainable Preparedness can get in on it as well. They tried hard in Spokane but need just a little more help.

  4. OK, I finally pulled the trigger so to speak. Thanks for all you do Jack, this is truly a wonderful resource for all!!

  5. Hey Jack,
    Was in Hot Springs over the Labor Day weekend for a big “Cowboy Action Shooting” event(Shootin n the Shade). Although I didn’t make it to the Village, Hot Springs proper was very nice. Had hoped to get together for a beer, but heard on the podcast you were out of town for the holiday, so didn’t bother getting ahold of you. Ran onto a website called A.N.T.S. (Americans networking to survive). You may already know of it, if not take a look. Would have loved to hit Denver for the Expo, but my gun club in Sand Springs OK hosted the Oklahoma State Cowboy Action Championships that weekend. Keep up the good work, will definately make it to Hot Springs again.