MSB Sale While I am in Salt Lake City — 7 Comments

  1. Jack, thank you for the discount. I will sign up tonight when I get off work.

    My Wife and Homeschooled children were today out looking for a place to set up our homesteading lifestyle. We can hardly wait to leave suburbia. Thanks to a few of your recent podcast on unschooling and staring a business, my wife is ready too.

    By the way, My Wife and I are both Tactical Response Alumni, and my good friend John Willis turned me on to your podcast.

    Keep up the great work!

    Hunter Cason

  2. Jack your doing a great job. Thank you for all the information that you have been providing. I really wish this type of expo could come to the east coast or even better southeast. Sounds like there will be a great turnout. Hopefully , there more expo’s to come! Good luck

  3. Jack, I’m very new to your website and find it to be a great value. Thanks for the discount, I’m going now to sign up!

  4. So sorry to miss you on this trip out to Utah. My brother, Max, and I really wanted to meet you. How often do you get out this way, right? Thanks for the great show. Hope that someday we’ll get to shake your hand.

  5. I am looking forward to a summary on how this event compares to the one in Colorado. Is the number of venders significantly larger to make it worth the travel up from Colorado.

    • @bradbn4, I would say a few less vendors, quite a few more attendees and the event seemed to run a bit better. They fixed a few issues with the audio and I felt my Modern Survivalism presentation went a lot better.