MSB Sale – This Price is Stupid Cheap — 4 Comments

  1. Do existing members sign up with a new account or do we login and change our membership?

    Thanks in advance ya jerk

    • I really can’t do this for an existing member. The reason is it creates double billing. There is on way to say extend or renew early.

      That way would be,

      1. Set up a new account

      2. Go to paypal or email me and ask me to stop the recurrent billing on your old account.

      Likely be a good idea then to delete your old account for you as well.

      The problem is you are paying for the time you have left. The manual nature it requires for me to do this any other way pretty much makes it a way for me to lose money. Sorry man, it isn’t like Verizon’s new customers only policy. If there was a way to just let you extend and renew early without a billing mess, I’d do it for you.

  2. Right on. I forgot to check this post for your reply. I’ll follow the steps and start fresh. I haven’t been all that active here over the past few years on the forums and whatnot so there won’t be much lost. Thanks for the reply and for all the work over the years. Look forward to taking advantage of the offer, Jack. Thanks again.