MSB Sale, No More Shows this Week and Come See Me in Arlington — 10 Comments

  1. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. The discount code “texas” is not working for me. Error: “Coupon not found, please check coupon code”. Any help?

    • No you didn’t do anything wrong I did, try it now it is all fixed up.

      • Yes!!! I’m finally a member! I NEVER knew all these cool downloads were available in the members section. “How to Build Your Own Residential Wind Turbine”. I’m all over this one!

        Great idea offering archives all the podcasts! never knew this was here either. I have been saving Gigabytes worth of useful data on a USB thumb drive, so I can travel with all the important data on a moments notice. I’ll be adding the podcast archives to my collection. Thanks!

  2. just joined. thanks for running the promo. call me cheap but i always wait for sales!

  3. Look forward to the Expo. Is there an actual schedule of speakers? I didn’t see any schedule on their site.

  4. lol, I think I jumped on board about the brigade 12 hours early. Enjoy the Expo, wish I could make it down.

  5. I kept refreshing my Survive! app, restarted my phone, finally uninstalled and reinstalled the app and there were still no shows for yesterday and today. LOL

  6. It was awesome getting to meet Jack at the Arlington Convention Center Saturday morning. WOW! What a turnout! I have to say Jack is really a class act when it comes to making time for his audience members and getting a chance to hear what everyone has to say. Right after the initial, get in 30 minutes early, meet and greet part he brought folks over to an open area beside the stage to talk, shake hands, get pictures taken, etc.

    I really didn’t know what to say other than to shake Jack’s hand and tell him what an inspiration he has been to me in learning to live that better life whether times get tough or not. I have learned a lot listening to the show, hanging out on the forum and reading and am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow.

    After the show a handful of us TSP listeners met at One The Border up the road from the Arlington Convention Center and had dinner, chatted and made plans to take a group trip to the LDS Food Center in Dallas sometime in September or October to make some bulk purchases. If anyone else in the area is interersted please chime in!