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  1. Jack,
    Bought a roll of “Who is John Galt” rounds! How awesome is that? Looking forward to the TSP silver.

  2. Am I mistaken that the prices are roughly 36.00 per 20 ounces? I thought copper generally traded for a couple bucks per pound, spot price anyway. Obviously minting costs some money, but I’m lost to what the value of these coins are. If I can purchase a silver round for 38 bucks or so, or 20 oz of copper for the same price, and melt value of the silver is 38 bucks, and melt on the copper is maybe 6 bucks – what did I gain by purchasing the copper?

    I may just not be understanding the purpose. Can someone fill me in?

    • This was covered in depth in Episodes 866 and 867. Let me just say though that the premium over spot per coin is LOWER with copper. Additionally AOCS and other copper rounds are selling right no on eBay for 1.75-2.25 per coin, damned if I understand why when you can get them from AOCS at 1.70 and down. The key is though there is a secondary market established where one could sell ones copper coins for what they paid for them or more the next day with no movement in the metal price or even if the price drops. Try that with silver, if you buy silver today and it goes up 1 dollar an ounce tomorrow you are still likely to take a small loss selling it to a dealer.

      My advice is go listen to the first part of 867 where I cover this in more detail and if you can show me how to produce copper coins for ANYTHING remotely approaching spot pricing I am all ears!