MSB Lifetime Membership Program – Limited Number Only — 40 Comments

  1. I would love to participate, however, at this time I am moving and will have to hope that there will be an opportunity in the future.

    • Brother do not sweat this for a second, your work on Zello alone is worth me giving you a lifetime membership at not cost to you.

  2. i think this is a great idea – and it keeps Jack committed to keeping this great community together for many years! And I really like having ‘reverse-debt’ -instead of getting something now & having to pay in the future, i pay my accounts now, as far ahead & as often as I can afford to. This lets me not worry about having to cut certain living expenses just in case my income disappears or is reduced. I know that no matter what, I won’t have to cancel my next TSP renewal!
    The knowledge & wisdom shared in the podcast, the forum, etc, will be more valuable in the coming years I think.
    I hope this program provides enough to really help in your move. Thanks again Jack!

  3. Jack – I love what you do – and certainly appreciate all the work yo put in to everything you touch.
    But offering a “new shiny” to the rabid followers so you can come up with closing costs for your home purchase – just doesn’t sit right.

    You are honest in saying THAT is WHY your offering it… when does the next one come… the new 2013 JEEP Grand Cherokee with the VW Diesel engine down payment?

    The help your in-laws repair the transmission on the class C R-V drive?

    I’ve been planning on buying a MSB one year subscription for my self this Christmas, and don’t think this will sway me to not get it now… but help me pay for my new house..

    No Thank you Sir. That one is on you –

    • You sound like an angry little man. What is your problem with me offering a service and telling people why. What greed is in your heart that it doesn’t sit right to see another be successful? I have never asked anyone to give me a thing, I have returned money that was “donated” because TSP isn’t a charity. The problem you have sir, is yours not mine.

      • I see it as an investment. I was a member previously. I had to let it lapse because of my finances. I was planning on renewing after the new year. I would likely keep it active for many years. This will pay for itself in no time at all.

        Personally, I don’t see what it should matter to anyone what Jack uses the money for. This is his business, he makes the profit or takes the loss. If it is a product that you want, then buy it. If not, then just pass on it. Don’t begrudge Jack that he can make a a living doing something he loves.

        • Some people just don’t understand how business works. He never said he wants to offer a lifetime membership so he can throw a party for his buddies.
          Or how about the countless lifetime memberships through other associations that don’t tell you what that money is for. Jack has the integrity and transparency to not only tell you what it is for, but to put his money where his mouth is and apply it to the type of lifestyle he espouses to us in his show.

    • I concur with Bloody Rich. I am in the process of retiring and I am thrilled to prepay anything i can. Some doomsday book had the characters prepaying their taxes. Is that even possible?

    • @RTFM

      first – Jack is forgoing future profit for cash flow now. This happens in business daily. No problem there, and he gave you more courtesy than most businesses do by saying why. He is rewarding Lifetime members with a much lower over all cost to receive membership benefits.

      second – Jack is raising cash the cash for a new home purchase that will benefit the entire community, both current and future yet to be members. Have you not been paying attention as to what is going to happen on the new property? Its going to become a showcase for small scale permaculture in North America; to include being designed by arguably the worlds number one permaculture expert. You’re missing the big picture.

      third – While its nice Jack told us why he is making this opportunity available, why are you even letting the reason why weigh negatively into your decision? Here is the decision; do you want life time MSB benefits for the same price as 6 years of MSB? Past that it would not matter to me what jack does with the money, so long as he delivered the service.

      fourth – u jelly? (jealous)

      • We’re supposed to say, “He’s acting like an ASS CLOWN!” Otherwise Jack gets flooded with comments by people with hurt feelings. But I agree. He is.

        • You are right Nate, I should have attacked the behavior and not the person. I had spent the day dealing with tons of people that were acting like ass clowns and I just snapped. 🙂

  4. I agree with markl32…Jack is providing a service and his new homestead will benifit us all- Youtube videos of his progress, show updates, not to mention his plans to open up his place as a workshop so people can have the chance to learn from Geoff Lawton.

  5. I have always felt that the value I get from just listening to show (notwithstanding the other benefits) far exceeds $50 per year. I am happy to support Jack in this way, and appreciate his upfront honesty that it is help fund his new home. If he had said this was so he could upgrade to an 80″ TV, I would have been a little surprised, but it still presents excellent value for money as far as I am concerned.

  6. @markl32….

    6 yrs value for a Lifetime, sounds good but considering “Jack” is a 1 person, possible, “ISP hunting” entity… What happens should he become incapable of providing the benifits for 6 yrs nevermind a “lifetime” ??? We are all human and being a hands on individual, vs a corporation… There is no insurance he nor anyone of us wont get T boned at an intersection on the way to the local feed store….. End up crippled or worse…. A corporation, if offering a Lifetime anything, will most likely have the support and have hedged the ability to continue providing the services sold after any major “corporate” event… A single individual… Hmmmmmm?

    In the end, if a “lifetime”sub is found valuable, then by far, send the money….
    If one is finding that they may need a lifetime sub, than they may be realizing the lack of self with weighted need to follow…. Jack could promise Elvis in person and a hands on Banana / Peanut butter sandwich week long tutorial…3- 5K? I dont think so…..

    When a man truely spends enough time within his land…. He eventually comes to know his land as the land eventually knows him…. Everyday is a schoolroom for both… The mans land will eventually rule him as his land is not controlled by/for him… Eventually the land will rule it’s natural existance. (with or without the “owner”) Permawhat?…… A bit late no?

    From a marketing standpoint, with enough followers…. Darn well worth a shot though, I’d say…….

    : )

    • The show is not the MSB, the show requires me but systems are in place to maintain the discounts and even add more even if I kick the bucket, I built a business man I didn’t create job based self employment you know.

        • @Jarrod, hell you should have seen his email and some of the comments I deleted. I think the guy is missing a few plugs firing myself.

    • JerseydEvil,

      Of the 1025 episodes to date, how many have you listened to and/or benefited from? I’m asking because generally (my opinion) when someone gets a lot of value for free over many years they come up with all kinds of reasons why actually paying for something seems “unfair” or “not worth it”. That’s your decision to make.

      Up to this point I haven’t had the “extra money” to buy a membership. I have benefited from many of Jack’s shows. Now I have the opportunity to pay for a service I’ve been using regularly, so I’ll jump on the Lifetime Membership he’s offering. If he kicks the bucket tomorrow, I still feel like I got more than the value I’ve gotten. Besides, I’d rather support Jack than a “corporation” that will be there tomorrow. You know, like WorldCom, Enron, Tyco…..

      That’s just how I view it.

      • @Nate,

        Thank you sir. JerseyDevil has now resorted to just being a dick and calling me fat and insulting me, he has now found himself banned from the site, so he can’t answer you nor can he even see what you are writing. I have emailed him and let him know if he stops acting like a dick I am happy to lift the ban.

        He has his panties in a wad over me snapping at the guy from Florida last week.

  7. We will definitely be sending an email this weekend. Jack, Congrats on the new homestead.

  8. Jack,

    Is payment by Silver an option, or does that just cause hassle for you having to cash it in?

  9. Congradulations on the new digs! Remember idiots & asshats are everywhere! Ignore them & do what you know is best & right & you never have cause to worry. Sooner or later they will go away & bother someone else.
    You do us all a great service by providing the info & opportunities. Thanks for all that you do.

  10. I can’t say much to add to the positives already posted for the lifetime membership other than I mailed my check today, enough said, what a bargain. I will ask the negative minded posts to tell me on the other dollars that they spend to identify how the profits are used? Do you think they donate it all to their favorite charity? Better yet, look at all the dollars that the Red Cross takes in, tell me how all of it is spent? I do disagree with Jack, angry no, jealous yes.

    • Thanks for the support man. On the angry vs. jealousy thing, I just seen the root of all negative emotions as anger. The anger just manifests itself in different ways. A person is angry that they have a certain station in life and blames others for that personal limitation, this anger will then manifest itself as jealousy when they see someone do well. It is very sad because it limits the success of the individual who simply wants something more.

      It is also very pervasive and twisted in some ways. For instance back when Dorothy and I first got together we decided to try to save money by doing little things and get our first house. One thing we did was start taking lunch to work vs. buying it. So one day she takes a piece of left over steak to work and one of her coworkers says all snotty, “I guess Jack must be making the big bucks if you can eat like that”.

      Thing was this person was stuffing her face with a cafeteria lunch she paid about 6 dollars for. My wife was eating a beautiful piece of top sirloin but it was the left overs of a piece of steak that had cost us about 12 dollars, already fed my son, my wife and myself the night before and she was eating the left overs.

      So we had a total of 4 meals (meat part anyway) for 12 bucks. That is 3 dollars a meal. This angry person was shoving 6 dollars worth of flat out garbage into her beak and frankly hostile to the fact the person next to her was eating steak.

      As for me “making the big bucks” not that it should matter but this was prior to my success and I was working in underground construction making about 13 dollars an hour at the time. The nurses in my wife’s office averaged a bit better, so my big bucks were less then her’s.

      Such things make me very sad.

  11. I intend to pay forward.
    My family is thrilled that Jack will be moving back west and Soutwest) and if this assists then I’m pleased to be a part / support. Those podcasts in 2009 on have been a lifeline for me since becoming a widow. My late spouse would have loved to be part of this- I went on then deleated- so Jack I’ll be sending the e-mail for check payment to continue to hear from you and your guests and am utilizing the MSB- it is more than the ‘show’ – but I do so hope it’ll be you for next decade- your unique blend of networking diverse folks world views is so valuable to me to hear in these changing times.
    Plus you are a Uk! my best friend from middle school years was a Ukranian (sp?) – I forget how to spell ‘pra-shoo’ keep it up -please.

  12. This sounds like a great deal! I can understand many reason for not taking it, but why would anyone be offended by it?

  13. Great idea and opportunity for everyone. I currently can’t afford it due to looking for work but if the opportunity comes again around tax time or when I’m working I’d sign up even without the prior service discount. Good luck on the move Jack.

  14. Ahhh, this makes me want to jump the gun, but You and Dave Ramsey say I have to wait 🙁 I am excited to become a member, and am eligible for the military discount. I can say that with Jack(75%) and Dave Ramsey’s (25%) help. I will be able to get out of the big truck and drive a school bus, and homestead by next fall!!! AND be MSB for life!!!! Thanks for all you do Jack!

  15. Jack,
    As always your doing great work!

    I look forward to seeing you soon.
    Scott (Master Guns) Anderson

  16. Well – there is always a risk on any lifetime memberships, will your habits change to grasshopper and no longer want the benefits.

    My decision choice is based on something simple; have I received xxx amount of benefit* – or will believe that I will over xxx amount of time? If so, join if you can afford it.

    How he uses the money; well that don’t impact my choice one way or another. However; I think he could not have selected a better thing to do with the money – just my opinion.

    *benefit = support of the show by voting with $; discounts from being part of MSB saving me $

  17. As has been said by many above, the SurvivalPodcast community is very grateful for the MSB and the value it brings to us.

    As for RTFM and his little tirate, I wonder if he realizes that Jack has been collecting the money from MSB subscriptions since its inception and spending that money as he sees fit all along. What he does with the subscription money doesn’t matter a lick to us if the service and business he provides gives back to us that value and more. Anybody who feels they aren’t getting their money’s worth out of the MSB has a simple choice to make: don’t pay Jack…

    • Thanks, not to mention I have NEVER once refused to grant a refund to anyone that has asked.

  18. In response to RTFM and JerseydEvil:

    Jack is giving the show away for free and offering an enhanced discount scheme via the (totally separate) MSB for those who wish to participate – no compulsion or coercion here, only an opportunity for those who wish to join and make use of the benefits available.

    As someone who is based in England, many of these benefits such as reduced shipping costs do not apply sadly, but I’m still more than happy with the free ebooks and other content I get from my MSB membership – which I view as a fair exchange of value between two individuals (though I guess the tax man gets his cut somewhere?), and I have even more respect as Jack is being totally open about his intentions and reasons for this lifetime offer.

    I happy to continue supporting Jack in the great work he is doing for all of the TSP community, where ever we are located, and wish him all of the best for the future.

  19. Well, I’ve been listening since episode 50 or so with no financial incentive to join the MSB as the discounts mostly only apply to those in the USA.

    This membership drive has encouraged me to join the MSB. My membership is a vote of support for Jack, not a dollar-value decision; I’m sure you’ll find most premium club memberships similar.

    Permaculture involves taking a yield… entrepreneurship involves going out and getting a profit when you need to… doing it this way is a way for Jack to stay out of debt…
    This is the sort of thing talked about daily in the podcast, and there is no compulsion to participate. Keep up the good work Jack, so long as the podcast remains free you are absolutely sticking to the principles you started this with.

  20. Thank you Cave! I am working to try to find more ways to increase the value for people outside of the US, something is coming that will apply to you but I can’t say what yet.