Three New Discounts for MSB Members — 13 Comments

  1. I got an email from Steven Harris a few days back talking about a 4 dvd set on rocket mass heaters that he will be releasing soon. Does anyone have any details on this or comparing to the Paul Wheaton set? I am very curious about these in general but don’t have an application for them yet. Hard to justify the cost just for curiosity at this time.

  2. I asked Steve some questions about his stoves and he said the same to me….new DVDs coming out soon that would be the solutions to my present problems.

  3. Awesome on the Rocket Mass Heater stoves. If my house will support the weight, love to put one in!

  4. Hey Jack,
    There was not discount code in the MSB area for this. I went to the link and started the process assuming the price ($100) has already been discounted. But, there is a field for a discount code. So, is the $100 price the discounted price? If so, I am good to go… but if not, is there a code?



    • I can tell you that people are successfully getting the discount.

      For the physical DVDs, the regular price is $100 plus shipping. MSB folks get 15% off.

    • What Paul said, the link in the MSB goes to a special hidden page, the discount code is right on that page. It says right there what code to use.

  5. If I purchase the streaming version of Paul’s videos, are they downloadable like Steven’s battery backup videos were?

    • The streaming stuff is streaming. The streaming stuff is not a download thing. I have tried to set up some download stuff and a variety of other options and this stuff turns into a massive time-suck.

  6. Paul,
    Thanks for opening up the series to the MSB folks… I was disheartened to learn I had missed the original Kickstarter campaign and scoured the web looking for the ability to purchase this and determined that it was not meant to be… but I have been rewarded!