Last Chance to Get the MSB at 30 Bucks a Year for Life — 5 Comments

  1. Just to be clear, because I’m an active member with an active account I can’t get this deal due to billing limitations. Got it. But when I go to renew at renewal time, will I still be paying $50?

  2. Hey Jack;

    Do memberships usually renew automatically? I thought I had an active membership, but when I just went in to check it said I didn’t…it worked out for me since I got the $30 deal…but it turns out that I wasn’t a member of the MSB for a while when I thought I was. I don’t log in often, but I believe in what you do and I want to continue to support you.

    Also, there may be a hiccup…I tried to use Paypal, but even with the radio button checked it still asked for my credit card info on the next page rather than my paypal info. Not a big deal, and it may have been operator error…just though you should be aware in case there is a problem.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  3. I am trying to sign up at 2140 on Jan 8 and the form will not accept the code 2018, saying it has expired.