Episode-1779- John Moody on Farm and Food Freedom — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting to hear the “before” and “after” conversation, I think you missed something in your editing 🙂

    Also I’m not seeing the link to the story mentioned at the end of the podcast.

  2. I was recently at a conference where the SVP of global distribution for Kellogg’s was the key note speaker. One item he mentioned is that they know the consumers want GMO free product that if GMO’s are used it needs to be labeled. This was a message for executives not a commercial to the public. I about laughed out loud when he mentioned “Kellogg’s prides itself on providing wholesome nutritious foods”, but with the laughing aside “Big Food” is hearing us and I would expect to see changes soon. Whether that’s true change or legal loop holes that define GMO differently is yet to be seen. In the end though its all market driven. They will split their product line and continue pumping out junk under one name as long as the masses buy it, and lets be honest most will. The other line will at least have the illusion of non GMO, healthy and nutritious and be sold at a premium to those willing to buy it. In the end all it takes is a purchaser to intentionally buy GMO product instead to make his KPI’s look good or a farmer to be misleading so they will buy his stuff and you can be eating it anyway. They just need to have their info straight for the audits that happen maybe once a year. Ha. I started writing this as an encouraging message to say they hear us but now I feel like the morale is just grow your own food 🙂

  3. Wow. This is definitely a ‘trigger’ issue for me. 😉

    So, the state OWNS my body, eh? That’s really the issue here. And, if you think about it, that’s the states general contention.

    Government Schooling = The state owns your child’s mind
    Mandatory vaccination = The state owns your child’s body

    Frankly, this issue should ENRAGE people FAR MORE than big tobacco. Smoking is optional, eating is mandatory, and the lies perpetuated by BIG FOOD are far worse, and have far greater health risks than smoking. Don’t believe it? Here’s a quick example:

    Like to increase your cancer risk by 5x, buy BIG FOOD! Want you or your wife to increase your chances of getting cancer by 10x! BIG FOOD is your brand!

    @Streiticus, Kellogg’s is EXPORTING better food to Europe NOW than they are selling in the US.

    Rothbard puts it simply:
    Market = Freedom
    State = Coercion

    So, if you’re BIG FOOD how do you get people to buy your INFERIOR, often poisonous product? You enlist the state, and FORCE people to buy it, by ensuring you have no competition.

    IMO there’s no question that ‘the product’ big food sells is absolute garbage. The only thing that’s kept a wholesale stampede away from it is a lack of awareness.

    Frankly, when you’ve had real food, you can’t go back.

    So.. big food is, and should be, terrified. Its dead. Over. Finished.

    And like any criminal cartel will do the only thing it can do to try and hold on: threaten, bully, punish & lie.

    I think they’ll lose.

    For the simple reason that you can’t win ‘the hearts and minds’ battle, no matter how many heart warming commercials you pump out, when your product is killing your customers.

    • Control oil [energy] and you control the nation. CONTROL FOOD AND YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE. Control money and you control the world.
      – H. Kissinger

      He might not have said this, but it’s interesting none the less.