Episode-101- Monsanto and the Genetically Modified Food Threat — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for bringing this up, I used to work for an organic food distributor, Monsanto is really evil…
    I don’t understand why they are involved in the seed bank in Northern Norway, that scares me!

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  3. This is probably the scariest thing (along side the privatization of water (and making it illegal to harvest rainwater for example)) affecting not only our food (on a global scale) and our health; but our pocketbook (as they are privatizing food and they will be the “owner” of the patents on all life and food) as well.
    The World According to Monsanto is an excellent movie in it’s demonstration of what they have been doing around the world (in India for example to cotton or wheat; or in Canada, for the crap Monsanto tried on Percy Schmiezer).

  4. This is damn scary, I am going to send this link and CD’s of the podcast to lots of people I know…

  5. I just read a brief article from the Nov 08-Jan 09 issue of Organic Gardening that states:

    “After a year-long strategic effort to force consumers to accept milk from cows raised with synthetic growth hormone, Monsanto announced plans to sell off Posilac, its market-leading product. Since 2007, Monsanto has worked behind the scenes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Kansas, Utah, Missouri, Vermont, and Ohio to change milk labeling laws. These efforts spurred a backlash that resulted in more precise labeling in Pennsylvania and a lawsuit against the Ohio Director of Agriculture. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and other retailers bowed to pressure from customers and declined to sell house-brand milk from treated cows, and Kraft announced plans to introduce hormone-free cheeses. Monsanto claims the Posilac business is still viable, but that it’s focusing on its seed business instead.”

    Maybe with continued customer pressure, we can help Monsanto focus on going OUT of business all together.