Give Jack a Birthday Present – Monetize Trolls — 9 Comments

  1. Jack, just a quick correction. Your post says MSB will be $30/month. But I believe you meant year. Feel free to delete this comment after you correct the post!

  2. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Oscar Wilde.

    The expression, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” means that another person admires what you do. They are willing to copy your lifestyle and behaviors to achieve the same outcomes as you in life. It’s a way of complimenting your sense of individuality by referencing how other people copy your behavior.

    • That is what my followers do, not what these impostors are doing. They are attempting to steal from you guys with scams by claiming to be me. Again if I ever get my hands on one, (unlikely most are in Russia or Afghanistan, etc.) I will extract teeth with a pair of vice grips.

      People banter around “mama bear” but they forget about papa bear, every one of my people is one of my cubs. Papa bears do not play around when someone is a threat to what they protect.

      • Jack,

        Do not kill them; no matter how much they may beg for death.

        In the ancient times, among the Norse people, a thief, once found, was quickly hung from the nearest tree.

        May you be successful in removing them from the field of battle. And if you one day have a necklace of teeth, I will know why, but I will not ask.

        In Service,

        • Now I want to send Jack a necklace of human teeth. Shouldn’t be too hard. My husband has a whole box of the kids teeth, and even a wisdom tooth I had pulled 15 years ago. Won’t be weird at all. Perfectly normal. Nothing to see here. 😀