Mobile Battery Back Up Systems and Bonus Work Shops Now Open for MSB Members — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve read the post three times. I can’t find the date of when this event is being held.

  2. I cannot find a link to see more details either….
    Sounds very interesting. I would like to know more on loaction and dates..

    • Giant bold red letters above at the top of the post say,

      “MSB Members Will Be Given Until Monday at 12PM Central Standard Time To Sign Up for this Event Before it is Open to the General Public”

      So if you want to sign up you have to be MSB if you want to do so before noon Monday. At that time I will release the sign up link to all. I did add the dates to the post, that was an oversight.

  3. Guys, details are on the signup link (from the MSB page right now).

    Wish I could make it, Jack. Making beer and electricity are two of my favorite things. I’d love to nerd out with Steve, too.

  4. from the signup form:
    The Survival Podcast Mobile Battery System Workshop with Bonus Clinics
    Feburary 20-22, 2014

    Students can set up camp sites on Feb. 19th and Can camp until Feb. 23rd