Episode-2900- Miyagi Mornings Recap for 6-25-21 — 3 Comments

  1. Man Jack you provided a possible secret to home school techniques. If they could follow your craving for learning and do the read the whole book, branch to verify the content from other sources and then expand to specialized knowledge of the subject I think that would work good. In addition, a related outdoor field trip.

    Our TV busted when I was young and my Dad was against TV so he did not replace it. I studied World Book encyclopedias and engineering books.

  2. I saw a parallel between Quercetin in our reality, to the series 4400 on Netflix where a protective supplement is Ubiquinol. I don’t watch much tv so I wasn’t aware of the series until a few months ago.

    I had to look but it’s in the last episode of the last season. Which is were they ended the series back in September of 2007. Yeah it does feed the conspiracy theory angle but when I see that nearly every series has an episode or two with a pandemic it feels like programming, intentional or not.

    This just seemed too close because the supplements work.

  3. I was just getting the hang of mewe and now I need to learn flote? Ok, ok. I am going to figure out the bitcoin first though.