The Skill Everyone Should Learn and Why Schools Don’t Teach It – Miyagi Mornings Epi-98 — 4 Comments

  1. Here is a homeschool curriculum K-12 that teaches all that stuff, including how to start a business and web development.

    For students who decide to go to college, instruction and motivation are provided to prepare and CLEP off as much as possible, thus reducing college costs.

    Due to the educational cartel (Fascist arrangement between government, education, and industry), some professions require a college degree to get certified, such as engineering, attorneys, medical practitioners, etc.

    For example, the states require a college degree to obtain a Professional Engineering (PE) license to become self-employed to provide engineering services. Also, companies will not hire an engineer unless they have an engineering degree from a college with an ABET certified engineering program. ABET is another certification organization.

    As Jack would likely agree, this cartel arrangement controls the pricing structure; thus, the outrageous cost for a college degree. There is no free-market regulation of the pricing structure.

    The best thing you can do for your kids is pulling them out of the government schools and homeschooling them. That way, you control their education instead of the government brainwashing and controlling them.

    As the parent, it is a terrible investment decision to spend your retirement dollars on little Johnny and Suzie to go off to college to party and have multiple sex partners for 4 to 5 years.

    It is equally bad for Little Johnny to take on student debt that may not get paid off over a lifetime. Once interest starts accumulating, that degree costs a lot more than the over-inflated original price. Plus, the government will track Little Johnny all the way to the grave to get that money back. Payments on the debt will be automatically deducted from his social security income (assuming that doesn’t disappear before retirement). Also, when Big Johnny files income taxes showing a return, if debt payments are not up to date, the IRS will withhold payments from that sum.

    You had better think carefully if you want to live a life of bondage instead of freedom.

    As Jack suggested, do the financial analysis (including lost income and opportunities) over those college years, and you might be surprised at the result.

    • Man I wanted Ron Paul’s stuff to be great, Tom Woods was part of developing it. The material is great the teachers from what I saw in the free previews were boring as fuck, delivery was just total shit. I mean watching it was like finding out you were getting a kidney that you needed for a transplant but the guy telling you was so boring you wished you would just die.

      Again the material was good it was the delivery. Sounded like a speech written by Thomas Jefferson but read by Joe Biden on Quaaludes.

  2. Can you please add the link to the Excel course you talked about?

    The Marine Corps actually paid to get me certified in office 2000 but that was 20 years ago and things have seriously changed.

    • It is literally in the post right near the end the link is in blue, you know like the blueberry flavored crayons they issue you in the Marine Corps! ;>)