Should You Buy Bitcoin with Retirement Money – Miyagi Mornings Episode-92 — 2 Comments

  1. In theory, I like the concept of BTC. I have two concerns though. First, it’s completely dependent on an electronic “purse” presumably safe. I do not believe anything is un-hackable in this day and age and once stolen cannot be traced. Secondly, the origin of BTC is completely unknown, it just appeared out of nowhere. The originator is a fictional character (“Satoshi Nakamoto”) that can not be vetted or scrutinized. I assume whomever built it can break it. Would you buy a car without knowing who produced it?
    I can’t help but think this might be a grift of historic proportion or some sort of ponzi scheme set up to siphon off liquidity on a global scale. Call me paranoid, it just doesn’t feel right. I recently found you, love your stuff. I’d like to here your feeling on this.