At What Point Does Armed Resistance Occur – Miyagi Mornings Epi-131 — 3 Comments

  1. Just left Florida after living there 25 years. A bittersweet move, but 10 million people are expected to move to Florida in the next 10 years bringing the population to 30 million total. Roads are being built like crazy to prepare, but the rest of the infrastructure, such as fresh water, is seriously unready and unable to accommodate the current population, let alone the future population. Growing food here, besides citrus, is difficult due to our soil being sand and the harsh sun. We have rolling brown outs nearly every day in the summer. I expect soon it will be rolling blackouts like CA.

    It was a hard and difficult decision, but we could see the writing on the wall. So we have left for the country up north. The state is liberal, but the entire area is Trump country. Is this place perfect? No, but it’s much more sustainable and very rural than what we had. We can grow adequate food, collect more than enough water, hunt plentiful deer and other game, etc. Considering how many people left this state due to the liberal governor, there are actually fewer liberals left here. Most are conservative and basically ignore the government as often as they can.

    Choose wisely, visit the areas, talk with the folks, go to their social media sites and lurk, etc.

    Let’s hope Jack is right and it’s a peaceful breakup.

  2. Thanks again Jack for taking up my question. I have favored the idea of regional and state secession for a while . I really fear the kind of bloodshed that is likely to result without it and I know that coexisting with the erosion of rights and cultural and political lunacy that somehow has become so common in the last few years just isn’t sustainable. I think you are dead on with your thinking. You and I aren’t going to decide when an insurgency or a civil conflict will happen. We are common sense people and we value human life enough to dread the thought that it might. if/when it happens, it will be decided for us. In the mean time, we will be smart enough to prepare for what could happen while living our best life no matter what happens.

  3. What about Europe? We have created a homestead here in France over the last 10 years and would not like to have to leave it. As we are American too, we do have the option to leave. Is there a certain situation when we know for sure to cut the chord and bite the bullet, so to speak. It would hurt, but our children’s lives and our freedom are more important than all else.
    Thanks for any feedback!