Could The US Break Up USSR Style? – Miyagi Mornings Epi-163 — 2 Comments

  1. Great topic – one that probably needs to be discussed further by many of us who plan to “be around” afterwards. There will need to be leaders for whatever comes next. Whether that’s the creation of separate entities or governments within the nation or whether we remain one nation, but one that’s diminished and has the chance for a “do over”. Lots of dystopian authors out there can be used for brainstorming ideas – from Kurt Schlicter to Michael G. Hopf to the old school William Johnstone’s “Ashes” series and many more. It will bear some deep thinking and transference to our kids and grandkids once you can pry their attention away from the screens so maybe they have half a chance to keep some of the things that have made the United States the beacon of hope it has been.

    • Oh sure. The problem is “the kids” and their “damn screens”, not the psychopathic adults who can no longer even agree on the basic definition of reality, and instead prefer to tear each other apart, while remaining fanatically committed to the notion that everything would be *perfect* if it weren’t for “them”. Who can blame these kids for saying to hell with all of you maniacs and tuning out? The best thing for the country, and the world, is to just accept that we have at least three fully incompatible core value systems currently being forced together in what is increasingly a zero sum model, because everyone thinks they can keep full control of the money despite crushing anyone who doesn’t fit their world view. Let’s just fast forward to the amicable divorce while there’s still a chance for it to be amicable.