What is Bitcoin Backed By – Miyagi Mornings Epi-135 — 1 Comment

  1. Great episode. I resisted for years, having had my first exposure to Bitcoin in 2013. I didn’t figure it out and start buying until 2020. Instead of saying I was too late, I finally saw the orange light. I realized I wasn’t ready before that.

    These talking heads on CNBC are idiots. They don’t see the train coming while they walk on the tracks with their headphones in their ears. One of them said matter-of-factly yesterday that bitcoin is in a bear market. Bitcoin is still very early in the adoption phase. The current prices are not a bear market – they are a gift.

    I finally got over my own resistance 8 months ago. I am still learning every day. It’s a progression that everyone has to go through at their own pace. I’ve had 3 “holy shit” moments during this 8 months:
    1) When Michael Saylor said would you rather have money designed by central bankers or engineers.
    2) I repeatedly see a correlation between Bitcoin HODLers and Keto/Carnivore diet.
    3) The first time I sent a Lightning payment and witnessed near instant final settlement.

    The last one is when I realized that train is rolling down the tracks. It is still in the distance and it is quiet – but the tracks are starting to sing. For now it is a slow moving train. You still have time to get on board. Or you can walk on the tracks with your headphones in, and to quote Mr. Miyagi “squish like grape.”