Please at Least Try to Home School Your Kids – Miyagi Mornings Episode-105 — 3 Comments

  1. That thing you can’t figure out what it is in the kit is the hot shoe for the top of the included tripod phone holder. Then you can attach the curved mounting bracket or other 1/4×20 screw items to the top of that tripod. The knurled thumb screw is a split 2 part nut to hold down on the shoe end while the other one screws up to tighten the curved bracket.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Thank you for all your passion and wealth of knowledge that you so generously share. My husband and I started a homestead in France where we live and « homeschool » our three girls. We have a great life and I am proud to give my children (and myself) a wholesome and rich upbringing.

    The more I learn about the world and how it is run, the more I am anchored in our way of life. I am grateful that current events have pushed me to educate myself in areas I may not have otherwise ventured, like financial markets, crypto, history written from other view points, science etc … and so I am left wondering what resources to use to teach my children in these fields.

    Do you have any recommendations for alternative resources for teaching children science, social sciences and history ?

    Is there such a thing as the anarchist guide to homeschooling?

    Thank so much for any recommendations,

    And thank you again for all you share and inspire!


    • Ann: You might look into Ron Paul’s Home School program. Ron Paul Institute. Is slanted Liberarian. Not sure how old your girls are. You could possibly also develop your home school curriculum, if you have the time to do so.