Episode-015- Miyagi Mornings Weekly Recap — 1 Comment

  1. Glad no regurgitating here, Jack. I’m appreciating what you share.And glad to catch up on some Miyagi Mornings.

    Crypto Currency is a learning curve to be addressed.

    Like your analogy with Word Press.

    Be an entrepreneur/business owner but declare it so and the powers that be have to have their hands in it!
    I enjoy having my businessn & being an entrepreneur, being able to adapt no matter what comes and developing it regardless.

    I definitely want to listen to the previous podcast on being an Entrepreneur.

    Kids in government schools are being indoctrinated. Parents bitching to get their kids back in school after virus lock downs because they don’t want responsibility for training them to discern truth from bullshit.
    Kids and males specifically don’t seem be developed but dumbed down and can’t do a thing. Or it’s okay to be violent and harm others. Parents need to turn this around and stop raising up wimps who can’t do shit in life other than harm themselves or others.

    Herbal tea rocks and this year I’m growing my own herbs. My favorite is peppermint of all kinds. Lemon Balm is tasty too and the fact it keeps bugs away is a plus.