Episode-014- Miyagi Mornings Weekly Recap — 9 Comments

  1. For survival coffee, you should really look into cold brewing. I’ve actually come to prefer the taste to standard methods. It’s really simple, you just need time. No heat source required at all, so none of the fiddly stuff you mentioned with needing to use your generator, starting a fire, etc.

    I use a French press and leave it to steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Takes a grand total of maybe 30 seconds to clean the French press and reset it for tomorrow’s coffee. For an added bonus, it makes stronger coffee, letting you stretch out your supply longer. I’d estimate you only need 1/2 – 2/3 as much ground coffee to make the same strength when cold brewing as opposed to hot brewing.

  2. Still figuring out Odysee so I’m going to throw in the towel and add my question here.

    Hey Jack, you’d mentioned adding links for your preferred pumps and the name of a British Natural Pool video creator. I don’t see them on odysee or here. I assume I’m just missing it…or you’re still digging the name up. I’d like to go see his content.

    • I forgot to do that, I will get them to you here.

      The guy is David Pagan Butler

      Pump model is active aqua

      Pump write up needs editing as it focuses on the 550 GPH model they make a lot of models and you used to have the ability to select from one page and they changed it. My favs are the 550 in the link above, the 800 GPH here and the 1100 GPH here size according to your needs.

        • Given some of your freezing concerns, have you considered using Pex pipe? I switched my pumphouse over a few years ago to do away with heat tape shorts melting pipe. I’ll never go back.

          I haven’t read anything about its use in aqua/hydroponics since interrupted flow due to freezing is undesirable. Here in the PNW, much like you describe in TX, we get a couple days to a couple weeks of hard freeze a year…and fish wouldn’t be too bad off during that time.

        • Jack, I just started listening a few weeks ago and your content is educational, resourceful and brilliantly hilarious! (All of which are much needed in these times). Thank you! In regards to the coffee episode…bless your heart; you have tons more patience than I do. I gave up a year ago on the people who were going to die because they couldn’t figure out how to wipe their own ass ????? But I guess…if we can learn some things from the millennials, then we can teach them how to boil water. Keep up the great work. Love it!