Episode-2139- Ryan Mitchell on Tiny Houses as a Step to Debt Free Living — 5 Comments

  1. “Tiny House”  It’s a trailer!  Depreciating asset (aggressively) Water?  Septic?  Power?  Parked on whose property?  You’re better off with a camper or rv.  Fills air time on HGTV but practicality…nope

  2. I was kind of surprised that the tiny house discussion never mentioned vans.  I am building out a Sprinter to use as both a daily driver, a touring vehicle and a BOV, but there are lots of people who are turning to them as tiny homes. Mine is only 127 sq.ft., should be cheaper to build than a tiny house and if done correctly could actually sell for much more than I put into it. Assuming my labor is free. 🙂  The result is a vehicle you can actually tour with, as mine gets 24mpg, is even easier to dodge around laws as long as you make the outside non-descript. Heck even converting a school bus seems like a better deal than a tiny house.

    • Well why would it?  A van is a vehicle, if converted it is sort of an RV lite, it is not a tiny house.  It is a cool option, it is a hell of a lot smarter for a traveler than a monstrosity on wheels, but this was about houses not vehicles.

  3. Never thought of myself as a Tiny Houser.

    Wife, 4 kids, and I in a single wide mobile home on land that we bought with cash.  Minimal debt.  Loving life.  Using what we would have paid in rent to fund side ventures.  🙂

    Where is my Tiny House membership card!!!  LOL

  4. @ Richard Hauser

    I lived in a converted school bus for a year and a half.  Downside to a bus is most have ceilings that aren’t tall enough.  Hitting my head on the roof AC got OLD.  LOL

    Also insurance for a school bus isn’t too bad if you can get the title converted over to an RV.  Otherwise bus insurance is high and most states have tighter license restrictions.

    The nice thing was bigger appliances and sink than an RV, though they weren’t full size either. Apartment size I guess.