Minimal to No Tech Support Today and Tomorrow — 8 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Please video the keynote speech and publish so those of us still in the rat race can see too. Good luck while out there and enjoy your time in the mtns.

  2. Unbelievable…I cant’ believe that you are not going to be waiting around by your computer and/or phone for all of my Tech needs. I really thought that I would get more value for my money… 😉

    Seriously, I would love to be at the EXPO, have fun Jack and glean some awesome stuff to share with all of us later on.

  3. Carli and I loved meeting you and listening to your presentation at the expo Jack, very well done, and the show was a blast! Came away with a lot of prepper supplies, my favorite was the tee shirt we purchased from you! Keep up the great work!

  4. Jack,

    My wife and I truly were honored to meet you. I only spoke with you briefly as I know you are all ‘famous’ and such so I felt weird being a groupie.

    Your talk on Sunday was great as usual. I brought my father in law to the expo and he won a free berky!!!

    By listening to you, he now sees that i am not weird and I think he is now woke up and is thinking like an ant.

    I bought a shirt from you and got my Dr. Prepper book signed.

    I had just got back to Denver from burying my father and having the expo to attend definitely helped. Meeting you was a goal I have now accomplished 😉

    Thank you Thank you for all you do…

  5. Any (video) links to Jack’s presentations?

    In this day and age where everybody whips out their phone and films everything; somebody at the expo has to have filmed Jack delivering his two presentations.

    Definitely interested in seeing / watching the Modern Survivalism keynote. I oftentimes return to those episodes where Jack (re)delivers the core tenets. It would be awesome to see him presenting them in person (perhaps with a powerpoint deck to accompany his presentation).