Episode-2239- Jessica “Dixie” Mills on the Triple Crown of Hiking — 6 Comments

    • I would say no as a stand alone anyway, but you could use it in addition to the salt and vinegar, omitting the coriander since it is in there anyway.  I don’t know how it would be, if I were to try it, I would do a piece or two out of a batch to test it before risking a large batch.  It could be amazing, or not, not sure.

      FWIW I use pepper, salt, coriander, vinegar, meat, nothing else on my biltong.

  1. To members,


    Does anyone know the show number of the first time Jessica was on?  I would like to listen to that episode!

  2. Great show, Jessica has my whole family ready to hit the trail, but I can’t seem to get out of the shop. 😀  New knives are coming, it all takes time.