Episode-2300- Shawn Mills on Solar Power — 4 Comments

  1. Great show! I’ve been looking into installing my own system, so this is very informative.

    My big question is where can you find solar panels for that cheap?

    Just looking around a bit, the best i can find is just under $1/watt. During the summer, I pay $0.167/kwh so any way to reduce my summer electric bill would be a huge benefit.


  2. When Shawn says “nameplate”, it makes me tingly inside. 🙂

    Awesome show. Shawn, if you’re ever headed through central Mississippi hit me up. Let’s have a beer.

  3. Jack, I think you need a “drainback” system it sounds like. At night all the water drains down from the collector into a small tank usually. When the thermistor up top senses enough Delta T between it and the tank it kicks the pump on and starts heating water. Really the most fullproof way to avoid freezing for solar thermal.