Whistles from the Graveyard with Miles Lagoze – Epi-3365 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, thank you for hosting this interview. It’s damned important, especially for the rah rah Americans who love every stupid war. We are good at war; more civilians are killed in every war than actual military personnel, and more enemy soldiers die than our soldiers, for a number of reasons. Also, every war results in atrocities by both sides.

    I loved it when you stated recently that the U.S. has not won a war since WW2! My grandfather was drafted into WW1 and my father was drafted into WW2, and I was drafted into the Army during Viet Nam although I was lucky to serve in Germany

    I told my brother I truly admire Muhammed Ali because he had the courage to say “NO” when he got the draft notice. They took his license to beat guys with his fists because he refused to go kill people with a gun–how bizarre.

    • Wow that’s amazing.
      The boxer Muhammad Ali was before my time.
      Interesting to find out he refused to join army…
      A real hero
      Thanks for posting.

  2. What would have happed if when the American soldiers arrived in Iraq & Afghanistan if they all walked away from their weapons and integrated with the locals, helped them with their goat farming, digging for water and growing food.
    Would a lot less people have been murdered.

    • Well one they would have gone to prison for dissertation. Also don’t think there are no bad guys in Iraq who’d of picked up their own guns and killed them with them.

      “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

      • Yes, War is a strange game.
        I often wonder why human species has been able to advance so far with technology, but yet stayed so primitive in tribalism.

  3. Great guest… the rest of us are tired of listening to army airborne stories with 5 whole jumps and Honduras/ Panama stories with zero combat experience ….it’s NOT the same. It’s barely a deployment.. living in a gp medium and carrying a prc for a “ ftx” one time isn’t even worth a mention.. civilians are eating it up… soldiers with five minutes of experience are tired of it… just sayin…

      • I figured as much… smart as you are, you don’t take criticism well… 15 years of listening to great content, but hearing the same stories about the “army days”, as most of us have done, and actually excelled at, is all I’m Saying.. sad you’re so sensitive . Sad response from a person who has such knowledge. I doubt I would have had this same response in 2008.. guess I may have struck a nerve. Sometimes the truth hurts

        • I am saying I don’t give a fuck about your feelings and if you don’t like what I do go elsewhere. That isn’t me being sensitive it is me being exactly what I have been at all times in those 15 years. It is why I have been successful as well. Not giving a fuck and being willing to say so.

  4. Unlike those that are so sensitive, I will support and listen daily…. Some
    Of us can still learn and not get butt hurt when we call a spade a spade… I stay away from hypocrisy. Look through all the episodes and you will see I’m right.. I’ve heard them all…..some
    Multiple times….

  5. Prelude…. “I have read some of Miles’ upcoming book and watched parts of his documentary.
    Having been on long deployments myself in my
    Army days I can tell you it is very accurate” .…
    Case and point…., exactly the same as combat deployments …